Epic Games Is Working On A PC-Exclusive Title


Posted April 9, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Fortnite Director Admits That Minecraft Was 'An Inspiration'

Epic Games is working on a PC-exclusive game of some kind, as Cliff Bleszinski and Mike Capps confirmed during a PAX East panel. Capps later doubled down on the confirmation to Joystiq, stating that work has already begun on the mysterious game and that the plans are to keep it exclusive to PCs.

It's a wide-open world for Epic right now. The developer confirmed Fortnite in December 2011 with a trailer, but that's really all we know about now in this post-Gears of War era. You can bet heavily on seeing more of the Gears-verse in future games, but the release of the trilogy-capping story in 2011's Gears of War 3 now opens up the playing field for Epic to look in other directions.

What could this PC-exclusive title be? A shooter, of the first- OR third-person variety, seems unlikely, since those genres are already so well-suited to console play. Could it be a real-time strategy game? An MMO of some kind? ...a Facebook game? Hopefully not that last one. Share your thoughts below.

Epic Games Is Working On A PC-Exclusive Title


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