Charlie Murder Preview: Heavy Metal Gaming, Dude

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Posted April 7, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

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Charlie Murder Preview: Heavy Metal Gaming, Dude

You have not heavy metal enough for Charlie Murder. From the studio that brought you Dishwasher Samurai comes a game about head stomps, throwing knives, and fashion. Charlie Murder comes across as a Castle Crashers dipped in black ink, but behind that vampire smile lies a depth that only a few RPGs dare to touch.

The demo starts out simply with you in hell fighting demons. From there, Charlie Murder only gets crazier. As the medics bring your crew back to life, you find yourself in the middle of the zombie invasion. Punch, kick, and grab your shambling assailants with your typical light and heavy combos. Find a well-placed spike or electric pole to instantly kill your foe with a good throw.

In just a couple of minutes, the streets became littered with heads, swords, and other assorted body parts that we could pickup and throw at the next opponent. You’ll also be searching for health items that you’ll frequently need to down in order to keep yourself alive. If you lose all your life, a friend can defib you back onto the scene with a couple of quick strokes of the thumb sticks. Just remember to keep clear.

Each of the characters comes with their own powers that match their look. I played with the singer who had a streak of pink hair very similar to one of the developers on the booth. Her special powers revolved around her voice with a mighty shout to move people away or another to make them start fighting other enemies. Another power let me surround myself in a swirl of safety pins. Now if I could only fight balloon doggies.

Other assorted powers that continued to pop up from the rest of the members summoned demons from the underworld, send out saw blades, and caused one of the players to pull out the drums to play along with the pain. Since each of the characters come from the same band, moves mimic things you would see in the middle of a mosh pit or reflect the instrument they play. Of course that’s how they got into this mess in the first place, by leaving one member of the band behind.

Part cut scene and part Rock Band set; you mash your way through the song playing under the story of your band coming together and the one that was left behind. Again, the team over at Ska Studios makes sure that there’s a little metal in every thing you do.

And what’s more metal than looking good? With every coin you find along the way, you earn money to buy new clothing, health items, and tattoos to up your stats. With every level, you’ll need to pick the stats you want to level as well as perks such as more health or better drops to keep you rolling in coin. Use your phone to snap certain pics to find hidden items. After a good round of fighting, you’ll need to take a breather just to check out all the loot you found along the way.

Charlier Murder is the game you need to know about if you are a fan of mayhem and metal. Developers guess that it will be another year before we can wrap our thumbs around the final product, but you can bet that we’ll be throwing horns to this downloadable game when it finally comes out.

Charlie Murder Preview: Heavy Metal Gaming, Dude


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