Sleeping Dogs Hands-On Preview: A Guided Tour Of Hong Kong


Posted April 7, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

Sleeping Dogs

Come along as we take you through a guided tour of Hong Kong in our PAX East 2012 Sleeping Dogs hands-on preview. Here's a snippet:

"I spotted the guy who owed me money, Ming, because of my keen eyesight and because there was a giant red circle over his head indicating it's time for a chase. Holding down A sends your character speeding after the perp. At this speed it becomes easy to run up walls, under polls, and to scale buildings in your path. It's not Ezio climbing, but it is pretty parkour. As I chased Ming I plowed into NPCs, who I might add all dressed trendy. Some of the female characters, dressed in miniskirts, were on their cell phones as I ran past. If I was clumsy, and I was, I would run into them knocking their phones out of their hands, leaving them screaming. I thought it was a nice attention to detail and nod to realism."

Read on to our full Sleeping Dogs preview.

Sleeping Dogs Hands-On Preview: A Guided Tour Of Hong Kong


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