Mass Effect 3 "Indoctrination Theory:" Bioware Stays Mum


Posted April 6, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

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During a Pax East Mass Effect 3 panel, Bioware acknowledged the Indoctrination theory of the game's ending, but wouldn't say whether it was accurate. For now, no news is... no news.

Spoilers ahead! Warning!

The Indoctrination theory explains Mass Effect 3's ending by positing that the final "battle" that Shepard fights in the Citadel actually takes place in his or her own mind. The Mass Effect 3 fan community is sharply divided on whether this is the "real" ending, so Bioware addressed the issue at its Pax panel by not saying anything.

"The indoctrination theory illustrates again how committed the fanbase is," Bioware's representative said, "We don't want to comment either way...We want the content to speak for itself, and we'll let it do so."

That content? Free "Extended Cut" DLC coming this summer that aims to deliver "additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes" designed to give fans "deeper insight into how their personal journey concludes."

Mass Effect 3 "Indoctrination Theory:" Bioware Stays Mum


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