Gabriel Knight Creator Launches Community-Funded Studio Kickstarter


Posted April 5, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

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Gabriel Knight Creator Launches Community-Funded Studio Kickstarter

Jane Jensen, the creative force behind Sierra On-Line's Gabriel Knight games as well as the more recent adventure title Gray Matter, has her own Kickstarter online that is seeking money for a 'Community Supported Gaming' initiative (via GamePolitics). Instead of asking for backers to pony up on a single game's development, the Kickstarter is aimed at generating the cashflow necessary to keep a studio running.

The CSG concept for the Pinkerton Road studio that Jensen runs with her husband, Robert Holmes, is cribbed from the idea of CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture, aka "food co-op"). The lowest reward tier is $16, but backers who put down at least $50 are promised all of Pinkerton's content for an entire year. This amounts to just two games right now according to the Kickstarter page, but that number will grow if the $300,000 goal is doubled.

Between Double Fine Adventure, Shadowrun, Leisure Suit Larry, Wasteland 2, and a number of others, there certainly seems to be no shortage of indie-focused studios going the crowd-funding route. What do you make of this decidedly different take on that idea? Is Jensen's name alone enough to bring you on board?

Gabriel Knight Creator Launches Community-Funded Studio Kickstarter


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