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Posted April 4, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

Guns of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus Online takes to the skies with flying airships, class-based fighting, and more gears than you can strap on your boots when you take on this steampunk adventure. But honestly, you had me at airships. You can judge for yourself this week when the game hits PAX East. To find out more about what it take the fight to the fierce skies, I recently got to talk to Muse Games about what you can expect when you get your hands on it as well as the Kickstarter campaign that started it all.

You are not Rambo. In war, you have a job and you need to do that job in conjunction with others around you in order to survive. Muse Games, makers of Guns of Icarus Online, make the sky the limit, but you can only move as far as the guardrails allow. There’s no wondering what you need to do or where you need to go. Keep the ship running and try to stay alive. How you do that is up to you.

The class-based system simply does more than switch out the weapons in your hands. The key word here is “asymmetric gameplay” – meaning that you’ll often be doing something completely different than the other three people on board. The gunner class speaks for itself. Strap in and let the lead run wild across the bow of the enemy ships. Get close enough, and you can pour on the heat with a good flamethrower.

Engineers work as your problem men. If you have a problem like a broken gun or something catching on fire, these boys will fix it. As Howard Tsao, Founder & CEO of Muse Games, puts it, the actions to fix things will be timed-based like reloading your gun in Gears of War. Captains, as you would figure, steer the ship as well as look for enemies. Again, we’re seeing a very different type of job to tackle in order to keep you and your team in the sky.

Guns of Icarus Online

As Howard goes on to explain, picking a class makes the job easier to accomplish, but doesn’t make it impossible to take on any other job. A gunner, for instance, could help put out fires. When you’re just about to finish off a ship, you can call on the whole team to grab a gun and start blasting away. Classes don’t deter your action, but only make you better at the jobs that you want to do.

From the wild blue yonder to the intricate design on every ship you try to blast out of the sky, Guns of Icarus simply looks beautiful. As someone who practically bleeds steam, I love the aesthetics and the attention to detail behind ever costume and every ship flying through the sky. This isn’t just a battleground, but a world you want to explore.

As one of the success stories coming out of Kickstarter, I had to ask Howard about the secret to his success.

“What was most important for us was to make sure that people know who we are and that they are supporting something quality and innovative. As a team that not many people know, it was up to us to tell people that we are dedicated to what we do, and to establish a trust that if people pledge, we would fulfill our promise and deliver a game they love. So a video with not only game play footage, but also us talking about the game was really important.”

Guns of Icarus Online

Not only presenting a great product, Howard goes on to explain that communication with the fan and those who donate are crucial to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

“While reaching out and telling people about the campaign is necessary, building a relationship with fans and a community is just as necessary.“

For the gamers going out to PAX East this weekend, make sure you swing by the Muse Games booth to get your first taste of Guns of Icarus Online. With eight-ship combat and plans for a single player campaign in the future, this is one game to keep an eye on and get your hands on as soon as possible.

Let me know what indie games you're interested in seeing at PAX East this year in the comment section below.

Guns of Icarus Online - That Indie Column


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