Ninja Gaiden 3 Boss Battle Guide


Posted April 3, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

Ninja Gaiden 3 Boss Battle Guide

With this Ninja Gaiden 3 boss battle guide, you'll be well on your way to slicing and dicing those baddies in no time. The key to just about every fight, not only boss battles in Ninja Gaiden 3, is utilizing your sliding dodge move efficiently. This allows you to get out of harms way without taking much damage, and it will give you time to think about the strategies you're going to need to take your opponents down.

Along your journey as Ryu Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden 3 you'll meet up with some serious bad guys. I'm not just talking ninjas here, I'm talking teleporting ninjas, helicopters, all the way to genetically altered dinosaurs. That's right, you're going to be kicking T-Rex ass, and I'm going to show you how.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Boss Battle Guide

Steel Spider
Abilities: Electric Field, Flamethrower, Missles

Steel Spider is the first boss in Ninja Gaiden 3, and he's no pushover. The boss has six legs (don't spiders usually have 8 legs?) and they're exactly what you're going to be focusing on.

Steel Spider has two phases. When you first come upon him you're going to want to focus all of your attacks on its rear four legs. The kicker is that each leg has three layers of shielding that you'll have to get through first, but it's not too hard. Once you hack away all of the shielding, you just need to chop at the leg until you destroy it.

When all of the legs have been destroyed the back panel of Steel Spider will open up revealing a bright red section that you have to destroy.

The strategy behind Steel Spider is all in your slide attack. Steel Spider will constantly shoot missles at you, and if you stand still for too long, it'll unleash an unblockable flamethrower attack. Steel Spider also has a rocket launcher attack that it'll use if you stand in the same place for too long. The idea is that you always want to be moving to dodge these attacks, all while sliding your way towards its legs to defeat each one, and ultimately the boss.

Master Ninja and Ultimate Ninja: If you're facing Steel Spider in Master or Ultimate Ninja difficulty, the rocket launcher will fire a lot more frequently and deal more damage to you if you're hit.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Boss Battle Guide

Regent of the Mask
Abilities: Two-Hit Combo, Three-Hit Combo, Two-Grab Combo, Two-Hit Charge Technique

Regent of the Mask is the first semi-challenging boss you're going to be facing in NG3. He whisks himself all around the map, only stopping to introduce his fist to your face. Repeatedly.

The key to defeating Regent is all about dodging his attacks, while landing some of your own whenever you can. Try to keep this up as long as you can, but eventually you'll notice the Regent's hand start to glow a purplish red, and that's when you have to back away immediately.

If the Regent gets his hands on you while glowing red, he'll use a unblockable grab combo on you, which hurts severely. A few of these are easily enough to kill you completely. To avoid the grab, just slide out of the Regent's way whenever you see his hand start to glow. After a few seconds it'll go away.

He hits hard and fast, but as long as you dodge his attacks while managing to get some of your own quick attacks in, he'll go down in no time.

Master Ninja and Ultimate Ninja:
Against the Regent in these difficulties, his unblockable grab attack does considerably more damage than in normal mode. He also counters your attacks at a much higher rate, so it's important to not attack him unless he's vulnerable.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Boss Battle Guide

Ide-1011 Manta Helicopter
Abilities: Turret Gun, Missiles

This fast-paced boss battle will have you leaping from buildings to rip helicopter turrets apart. The one thing to look out for in this fight is doding the helicopter when it plunges down towards you. You'll have to slide under its wing in order to dodge the heavy hit. Otherwise, you can easily slide out of the way to dodge the helicopter's missles as they'll put a yellow mark on the floor where they're going to land. Avoid the yellow mark!

When you're not dodging around, just shoot the rocket launcher on the helicopter's wing over and over again until they blow up and you're prompted to jump off the building and on to the helicopter itself.

Once you're up there, follow the prompts and try not to get hit by the helicopter's guns. As you inch your way closer you can eventually take them out and jump off the helicopter and on to the next platform.

You'll repeat this a few more times until you get to the actual Ide-1011 model. This time around when you jump on to the helicopter you'll have to climb your way up to different turrets in order to take them out. If you slip even an inch, Hayabusa is dead.

Once the helicopter manages to even itself out, you can focus on the main turret, not the jetpacks, and then jump to safety on the next platform.

Master Ninja and Ultimate Ninja:The missles in these modes will hurt Hayabusa a lot harder than they will in normal mode. The Jetpack enemies towards the end of the level also hit a lot harder. In fact, if the Jetpacks manage to land, they'll whip out a flamethrower that does even more damage to Hayabusa, so it's important to kill them with your bow and arrows while they're in the air.


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Abilities: Stomp Attack, Charge Attack, Tail Whip, Sonic Roar, Bite

Remember when I said you were going to kick T-rex ass? Yeah, that's now. Gigantosaurus is a huge (gigantic?) dinosaur that takes up a good portion of the room you're in, so it can be difficult to dodge it a lot of the time. 

The trick to this fight is simple. When Gigantosaurus charges towards Hyubasa, dodge out of the way until the Gigantosaurus gets winded. It'll fall over and you can attack its head. Once it gets back up, make sure you run towards its tail, so you dodge its Tail Whip attack. You'll also want to avoid going anywhere near Gigantosaurus' head, since he'll use a nasty bite attack on you.

To speed this along, you can always attack the Gigantosaurus' feet to make it fall over faster. You'll get stomped and bit, but it won't do too much damage to Hyubasa and it'll allow you to kill the boss as efficiently as possible.

Once you do enough damage to Gigantosaurus, an awesome chase scene will ensue. The main thing is to always run away from the giant dinosaur's teeth, and to follow the button prompts on screen in order to duck and jump over all of the obstacles.

Whenever the Gigantosaurus is vulnerable, attack its head. That's the easy part, what's harder is dodging the Gigantosaurus' charges. If you manage to dip, duck, dodge, and attack enough, you'll get rewarded with a slow-motion scene prompting you to use a strong attack on a test tube which convenintenly blows up in the Gigantosaurus's mouth.

Master Ninja and Ultimate Ninja:
It's very important not to go near the Gigantosaurus unless it's on the ground in these modes. It'll always use a bite or stomp attack and deal huge damage to Hyubasa. All of Gigantosaurus' other moves deal more damage as well.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Boss Battle Guide


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