1080Pinball Is Insomniac's Canceled, Crazy Realistic Pinball Game


Posted March 30, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

1080Pinball Is Insomniac's Canceled, Crazy Realistic Pinball Game

Back on January 5, 2007, Insomniac began work on 1080Pinball, a downloadable PlayStation Network title that was to be "the most realistic pinball simulation ever," a new Facebook Timeline update reveals. In addition to giving fans a glimpse of a cool, unfinished video game project, it also proves that maybe Facebook Timeline isn't so bad after all.

The post mentions that the game's big hook was to be realism, covering everything from the weight of the ball to gravity to friction from the table's surface. As the title suggests, the HD pinball game would have sported a 1080p resolution (and 60fps gameplay). The intent was also "to offer a Gran Turismo level of progression."

There's a ton of concept art posted on Facebook that you can check out, as well as a more detailed breakdown of what Insomniac hoped to do with 1080Pinball. You should also stay tuned for more info on the canceled game from an upcoming Full Moon Show podcast.

Before you start thinking that all of this disclosure means we can expect to see an Insomniac pinball game somewhere down the road... don't. A fan's query on this very subject in the art gallery's comments section from Insomniac addresses the possibility directly: "No plans to revisit, the Zen Pinball games do a fantastic job anyways."

1080Pinball Is Insomniac's Canceled, Crazy Realistic Pinball Game