We're Going to PAX East! - A Guide of What to Expect


Posted March 29, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

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Pax East 2010

With PAX East almost upon us, let’s take a look at some of the big games and the things you need to know before we head out to the land of Red Socks and Irrational Studios. Every year, this spin-off of the main convention seems to get bigger. Companies like Sega, 2K Games, and even Nintendo will don their wool mitts as they bring their heavy hitters to the plate as we get a peek of what makes 2012 such an incredible year for gaming.

Don’t forget that some of the biggest games at the show will come from the smallest developers. Spotlighting indie games has always been a proud PAX tradition. The cold winds of the east bring out some of the greatest games to hit the mobile screen when PAX East presents the Boston Indie Showcase. Six developers show off the greatest games you need to get your thumbs on. Why wait? The future is only a download away.

But the most important thing at PAX East this year will be you – the fans. (Also Bioshock Infinite, but we can get into that later.) With a convention of this magnitude open to the public, now will be the first time developers will see with their own eyes the fans finally get their hands on so many long awaited titles. From late night board game sessions to panels with your favorite developers, PAX East brings only the greatest to the players. We’re just here to plan out what you want to see – and to remind to bring your mittens.

7 Questions With BioShock Infinite's Ken Levine

Our Heavy Hitters

A trip to Boston just wouldn’t be complete without knocking on the door of Irrational Studios and pleading with Ken Levine to see just a minute or two of Bioshock Infinite. The excitement of taking on one of heavy hitters such as the roving Boys of Silence or the new Siren with her ability to wake the dead with her call already makes my hands ache in anticipation. We’ll catch their panel on creating such wonderful monsters, but we’re hoping for more. Of course, we'll see more when we attend the cosplay community party. When the fans of your next game come to party in your backyard, I suspect that Ken Levine is saving something special just for them.

There’s more to life than saving turn of the century women, or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself. We’re planning on braving the mighty desert in Spec Ops: The Line where a little wind a lot of sand can completely ruin your day.  And when the going gets tough, you find a cheerleader. Buffy meets Evil Dead, Lollipop Chainsaw, makes a stop by PAX East to show off what it’s like when a hundred grinding teeth meets a zombie skull.

One of the other games I’m excited to see happens to be a call back to a classic – XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Turn-based strategy gets a new life as we hunt for aliens yet again in this beautifully reimagined game. Watching the gameplay footage alone, you get a sense of how cinematic every attack and choice will be when you line up that perfect shot and pull the trigger. The master of ceremonies, as well as a couple of small islands off of Greenland, Adam Sessler, will be heading the panel talking about the changes they made to the series.

Super Crate Box

Going Small In A Big Way

You can no longer deny it; mobile games are huge. From those irate aves to comprehending your friend’s doodle, the mobile gaming world has exploded onto the scene in a way no one could ever imagine. Throw away those thoughts of Snake and simple Solitaire. The Boston Indie Showcase gives you more than any mortal thumb can take with the likes of Spelltower, a game that mixes Boggle with Tetris. Find the words you need before the column reaches the top. Not Without You lets you control a group of fuzzy woodland creatures trying to escape a lab. The only problem – they all move at the same time. And don’t miss one of my favorite games, Super Crate Box. The only thing that matters is picking up crates, and every crate contains a new weapon. These games will keep your fingers happy even during a long flight from Los Angeles to Boston.

Let’s not forget that the indie scene knows no bounds when it comes to bringing awesome games to your console or PC. We’ll get to check in with Team Meat and The Behemoth to see what they’ve been up to as well as check out the new game from Capybara Games, Super Time Force. If you haven’t seen the trailer, it’s pure pixel action. Speaking of pure action, we’ll swing by Paradox to check out The Shadow Effect, a game that squeezes in every drop of 90’s action into a single 2D-style shooter. And to work out our brain, we’re taking a trip to the Antichamber. I hear that some people go in and are changed forever. Some people never leave.

Pax East 2011 Photos: The Showfloor

Power to The People

Late night parties dancing to 8-bit music, panels on pitching your own game ideas to developers, and the newest stuff that you just have to buy; PAX East presents you every area of nerdom in one location. It’s a party where my social awkwardness may actually fit in for once. You might get to finally meet the people who make your favorite games and tell them thank you. Best of all, the whole G4 crew will be there to among the action. Be sure to check out the live X-Play show on Sunday to see Adam, Morgan, and Blair in action. And who knows, you might get to be an intern for a day.

And if you’re there, make sure to say “hi” to us as we run around to all the great games. Let us know what you want to see at PAX East this year in the comment section below.

We're Going to PAX East! - A Guide of What to Expect


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