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Posted March 29, 2012 - By Nikole Zivalich

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 Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --

Need helping getting laid in Mass Effect 3? You've clicked the right link, this is our Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide and the latest edition of Rated-Teen Beat. You might think the most challenging part of Shepard's life is the Reapers, but in fact, the real battle is deciding who's going to show up in your cabin before the final battle. The Mass Effect series has always been known for the emotional ties you can have with characters, and ME3 follows that tradition. You can "romance" aliens and humans alike. This will also be the first game where a gay man and a lesbian woman will be stationed on the Normandy. It's like going grocery shopping. What do you feel like eating today?

And remember, STDs (Space Transmitted Diseases) affect millions every year. Be safe.

Below you'll find a list of possible hook-ups, complete with tips on how to get them in bed. I'm your wingman. You can thank me later.


Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --
Ashley Williams
Lieutenant Commander Ashley Williams is a military officer for the Systems Alliance. She grew up in a military family and was recruited right out of high school. She's an army brat; that explain a lot. It, however, doesn't explain why she is a such a racist bitch. Ashley's personality leaves a little to be desired. She's rude, blunt, and has a mistrust and dislike for any species that isn't human. Ashley may have become hotter since Mass Effect 1, but she's just as cold.

Ashley is a romance option for any male Shepard. If you romanced Ashley in ME1, she'll be responsive to rekindle things now. If you romanced someone in Mass Effect 2, she'll become upset. Stay away from the jealous ones kids. Even if you opted out of romancing her in ME1 or are new to the series, she's an option.

If you do decide to romance Ashley, (and again, don't do it, she's racist and super bitchy) visit her often while she's in the hospital on the Citadel. The hospital lobby will have a shop where you can buy her a gift. After several visits, and missions, she'll accept a role as a spectre. If you've earned enough intimacy, she'll take your side during the attack on the Citadel. If she hasn't, you or your squad will shoot her. Assuming you've talked to her enough, Ashley will ask to join you once again.

After she agrees to join your crew, she'll ask to meet you on the Citadel. If Shepard and Ashley have built up enough intimacy, she'll suggest a serious relationship. If you haven't initiated enough conversations, you can still suggest it. Once you agree, you'll get your achievement/trophy. You'll have to wait until the final mission for the sex though. Not my call, it's the Mass Effect way.

If you played Mass Effect the proper way, Ashley is dead, so don't worry about it. No seriously, I hate her.

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --

Garrus Vakarian
Garrus Vakarian is a turian combat engineer. Before meeting up with Commander Shepard, Garrus was a C-Sec officer. No matter how much you wanted to, you couldn't get it on with Garrus in Mass Effect. That wrong was righted in Mass Effect 2. Maybe he learned some new moves when he became Archangel. Maybe it's the scar he gets after the showdown with the Blue Suns; chicks dig scars.

Armed with a sexy face, and a sniper rifle, Garrus is ready for commitment and you know where to find him. He's calibrating the guns. Let's just say he can calibrate for hours, ladies. At the beginning of Mass Effect 3, Garrus is ready to join your squad. You cannot romance Garrus unless you're a female Shepard and you two hooked up in ME2.

If you have romanced Garrus in the past, and want that sweet love to keep coming, then talk to him as soon as he gets on your ship. You call call off the relationship, or tell him you're still interested. As soon as you speak with Garrus enough times he'll ask you to meet him on the Citadel. There you will go to top of the Presidium to shoot cans. Romantic, I know. It's time to update your facebook; this is where you can chose to enter a committed relationship.

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --

Kaidan Alenko
Major Kaidan Alenko is a human biotic and member of the Systems Alliance. During Mass Effect, he was the staff commander under Commander Shepard. And that wasn't the only time he's under Commander Shepard. (/fist bump) You can romance Kaidan whether or not you've romanced him in ME1. Male Shepards will be able to get it on with Kaidan this time around.

Kaidan was exposed to element zero in utero. (that's not all he exposed) He survived and developed biotic powers instead of brain cancer. (that's not the only time he got lucky!) He was a romance option for female Shepard in Mass Effect 1 as long as you let Ashley die on Virmire.

Kaidan will join your squad for the first mission in Mass Effect 3. You won't get to stare at that ass forever though; Kaidan is gravely injured during this battle. He is hospitalized on the Citadel for the next few missions. Buy him some whiskey and visit often to make sure you can romance him again in this game. If you romanced someone else in Mass Effect 2, you're a whore, but also just say sorry.

As soon as he's healed, Kaidan will take a job as a Spectre. If you've earned his trust by the attack on the Citadel, he'll side with you, leaving Udina dead. This is when he'll join your squad for good.

When Kaidan is ready, he'll ask to talk to you on the 5th floor of the Citadel. Get ready to seal the deal, and by that I mean have "the talk." Being in a committed relationship is exactly what you wanted, right? Wrong, you want space-sex! Before the final battle for Earth Kaidan will stop by Commander Shepard's cabin for some grown-up time.

(Editor's Note: OMG I love Kaidan so much. I didn't cheat on him in Mass Effect 2 and I looked at his picture all the time. (in real life, not in my ME2 cabin.)

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --

Liara T'Soni
Liara T'Soni is an asari doctor and researcher. She caused quite a bit of controversy when Mass Effect 1 was released due to the love scene she can have with a female Shepard. Technically, she's not a woman, the asari only have one gender. Trust her, she's a doctor. She's also the Shadow Broker so keep in mind she has access to vast information network.

The blue skinned beauty has changed a lot over the course of the ME series. By the time you meet up with her in ME3, she's confident and aggressive. She looks pretty damn good for hitting 100 years old.

Liara is a romance option no matter what, male or female, past love or not. And since she's on your squad from the beginning you'll have plenty of time to win her over. If you pursued Liara in the first game, you'll be able to immediately start flirting. Talk to her often, which shouldn't be a problem since she's a wealth of information. When the time is right, she'll ask you to meet her on the Citadel. Chat her up and lock that down, yo.

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --

Tali'Zorah is a quarian machinist. When you meet her in Mass Effect, she's on her pilgrimage and is basically a teenager. That's why you couldn't romance her, pervs. She matures over the course of the series and by part 3, she's bantering with Shepard and the rest of the crew.

Don't let that mask, the bent in legs and three fingers detour you. Tali is a stone cold fox, at least according to my imagination. You won't have to rely on your imagination if you win over Tali. She'll give you a photo of herself once you agree on a committed relationship. Getting that photo can be tricky.

Tali is a romance option for male Shepards who romanced her Mass Effect 2 only. If the two of you knocked masks then you can initiate the relationship again when she steps on the Normandy. This won't mean commitment though. During the war between the quarians and the geth, Tali will tell Specialist Traynor she wants to speak with you. Go to your cabin and use your terminal to call for Tali. This conversation can only take place before you go on the mission to Rannoch. If this conservation goes well, you've got a girlfriend.

Being your girlfriend won't keep Tali from jumping off a cliff though. Chicks, right? The battle of Rannoch will end in with choosing a side, geth or quarian. If you chose quarian, you'll lose the geth but keep Tali. If you choose the geth, Tali will try to call off the quarian fleet. If you don't meet the following, she'll fail and kill herself.
These are mandatory. (You will also need 4 bars of reputation.)

  • Keep Tali alive in ME2.
  • Kill the heretics during Leigon's loyalty mission in ME2.
  • Keep Legion alive in ME2.
  • Complete "Geth Fighter Squadrons" mission.

You must earn at least 5 points from the following missions.

  • Complete "Rannoch Admiral Koris." +1
  • Save Admiral Koris during "Rannoch Admiral Koris. +1
  • Save Tali from exile in Mass Effect 2 +2
  • Destroy the heretic geth in "A House Divided" in ME2. +2
  • Mediate peace between Tali and Legion on ME2. +2

After you've done all this you can convince the quarians to stand down, gaining the loyalty of both the quarians and the geth. Tali will remain on your squad and your boo.

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --

Lieutenant Cortez
Lieutenant Cortez is human, and the Normandy SR-2 shuttle pilot. Cortez lost his husband during a Collector raid. The loss has left Cortez super vulnerable and I'm going to be honest, a little whiny.  Male Shepards looking to get a little dude on dude action, look no further.

Since Cortez is on your ship throughout the game you have plenty of chances to talk with him. Suggest he loosen up by spending time on the Citadel. You can initiate two conversations with him on the Citdel, do both. Assuming both conversations go well, Cortez will send you an email asking to meet him at Purgatory, the club in the Citadel. Boys, it's time to dance!  If you want, ask Cortez to be your loverboy at the club.

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --

Miranda Lawson
Mirana Lawson is a former Cerberus agent and a human biotic. She has serious daddy issues too. Oh did I mention she thinks she's perfect? Because she whines all the time about how she was genetically engineered to be smart and pretty. What's that sound? Could it be tiny space-violins?

If your male Shepard got it on with Miranda in Mass Effect 2, and let's be real, with that ass in spandex, you probably did, you can rekindle that relationship in ME3. The option to commit to her does prevent future relationships, but since Mirana will not join your squad, it's hardly worth it.

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --

Specialist Traynor
Specialist Traynor is a human and the Normandy SR-2 communication officer. She's basically the new model of Yeoman Kelly Chambers. This time she has brown hair, but just as eager to enter your cabin.

Laaaaaaadies, Traynor is romance option for femShep only. If you speak with her a few times, she'll ask if you want to have a "Game Night." If you call her up to your cabin you can play with her pieces. You can even take a shower together.

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --

Jack is a human biotic and convicted criminal. She's basically insane, but in the hottest way possible. She was kidnapped by Cerberus for her biotic powers and was tortured, physically and emotionally, at their hands. So yeah, baggage.

In Mass Effect 2, male Shepard can have casual sex with Jack, but if he does, he can't pursue something more meaningful. If he your male Shepard does take the time to get know her, she'll join you before the final mission in ME2.

If you want to keep that relationship going you'll have to accept the N7 Mission to help stranded students in a timely manner. When you begin the mission you'll notice Jack has changed, she has more clothes, a pony tail and she uses less profanity. She's a teacher now after all. If you don't rescue the students in time, Jack will become a special enemy Phantom. You can't have sex with those so avoid this option.

After this mission and the attack on the Citadel, Jack can be found at Purgatory. You can get back together here, but like Miranda, you won't really see her again.

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide --

Diana Allers
Diana Allers is a human reporter for Battlespace. Shepard meets Diana on his first visit to the Citadel. If you speak with her, she'll ask to join your crew as an embedded journalist. She swings both ways, so you might as well say "yes."

Diana will ask to interview you after various key battles in the game. If she likes your answers, she'll hit on you. You can chose to flirt back, or not.

No Loving For You
Jacob Taylor -- Despite being a possible love interest for female Shepards in Mass Effect 2, Jacob is not an option in ME3. If you pursued Jacob, you'll be able to talk about your past relationship but Jacob has moved on. Punk-ass knocked some scientist chick or something. Don't sweat it, you're way cuter than she is and you're way better off without him.

Thane -- Thane, the drell assassin, is ill when you meet him in Mass Effect 3. You cannot have a relationship with him in this game.

Saving the universe just got a little bit sexy. Now that you have all the right moves, go ahead and go get the girl/boy/turian/asair/quarian of your dreams!

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide -- Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game Gossip


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