BioShock Infinite’s Siren Raises the Dead


Posted March 26, 2012 - By Jake Gaskill

BioShock Infinite Siren - embargo 3.26.12 4:00pm

Yes, BioShock Infinite’s Siren can raise the dead, but it's her phenomenally terrifying voice that will really make your skin crawl; she’s a double (deadly) threat! The final Heavy Hitter to be revealed in BioShock Infinite’s running video series introduces us to a particularly spooky villain, one with a deep connection to a rather dark and twisted time in America’s history.

“Siren is a nod to a major social movement at the turn of the century,” explains Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine. “There was a sense of the spiritual world, and I don’t mean like when you ask people, ‘Oh, are you religious?’ and they say, ‘No. I’m spiritual.’ No, I mean, people were actually talking about contacting the dead and speaking to the dead.”

Lead designer Shawn Robertson expands on the origins of the ghostly performer and her ultimate design, saying, “We started looking at the things we could do with this kind of mystical wavy and flowy type of woman who’s floating around and raising people with her voice.”

BioShock Infinite Siren embargo 3.26.12 4:00pm

As you would expect, being able to bring Booker’s enemies back to life will make fighting her a tad more stressful than it would be otherwise, since you’ll have to decide where to focus your attention/bullets.

“One of your challenges is going to be: who do I deal with?” explains Levine. “Do I deal with the Siren, because if I kill her, all the enemies she brought back to life will also return to their graves. Or do I deal with the guys who are actually shooting me. And I think that’s one of the real tensions that you have in the battle.”

Sounds like the Siren will be giving a whole new meaning to “stage fright” when she unleashes her unholy abilities in BioShock Infinite this October.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see (and have your eardrums splintered by) the Siren via the video form. To catch up on the Heavy Hitters you might have missed, check out our the trailers for the Motorized Patriot, Handyman, and Boys of Silence.

BioShock Infinite’s Siren Raises the Dead


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