Angry Birds in Space - Back to the Nest

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Posted March 23, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

Angry Birds Space Announced

Angry Birds in Space brings back our favorite suicide squad to take on and take out those despicable green pigs. With so many Angry Birds flying around, you might mistake this as a part of the epidemic already infesting practically every platform that carries a moving image. Put away those silly breathing masks. We take a look at this new breed of space cadets. Here’s our quick impression of the first world of Angry Birds in Space.

To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of Angry Birds. Tossing those feathered creatures seemed so binary, either it work or it didn’t. Angry Birds in Space, however, tosses all of that out the window - only to have that bounce off an asteroid and then crash everything into fat green pig. This new breed of bird learns what made the last one work while throwing in a whole new universe of tricks.

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The new element here happens to be gravity. Instead of dealing with your typical strong pull, smaller planets and asteroids affect the trajectory of your fowl. On one board, I completely overshot the structure only to have my bird make a second trip around to completely demolish the building. Some of the boards didn’t even have gravity, allowing for something more like bird pool. This massive attraction affects other things in the world as well such as rocks hanging out right outside of the field. Give them a slight push and they’ll take out anything in their path.

Besides the new space age look, some of the birds get a slight tweak. That little triangle friend of yours now targets wherever you touch on the screen. You still need to time your touch as well as figure out the best way to get to your target, but when you’re often working in Zero-G, it’s a deadly ability when you know how to use it.

Angry Birds in Space

Speaking of deadly, never mess with an eagle. You earn special Eagle perks that allows you to change one of your birds into a star-spangled bomb. Tap at the right time, and you’ll open up a black hole of win. There also seems to be a mini-game attached to it through causing enough damage to a level, but that’s something we’ll look into later.

From the bombs to the new level boss, Angry Birds in Space feels like a more fleshed out game from his predecessor. Feathered friends, you finally won me over. Be sure to check out next week’s Knuckle Up to find out how we really feel about the game as well as the best of mobile gaming.

Angry Birds in Space - Back to the Nest


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