Microsoft Patent For Head-Mounted Display Might Be Future Of Gaming


Posted March 20, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Head Mounted Display

A patent for a headset display filed by Microsoft may point to the future of the gaming. The patent, spotted by PatentBolt, reveals that Microsoft is working on two different styles of display-headsets. The first looks like an aviation helmet, and is aimed at gamers. The other is a smaller, sunglasses-size device that would work with your phone or MP3 player -- so more for personal use.

There are some serious technical issues to overcome with any head (or glasses) mounted display -- showing an image that close to a person's eyes comes with a host of problems -- but Microsoft's new patent indicates part of the plan for overcoming these hurdles. Below is a block of text from PatentBolt that lays out partially how the device will work:

As the human eye can't focus on images less than a few centimeters away, a compact display system may be configured to provide the display image as a virtual image--e.g., an image formed in a focal plane located more than a few centimeters from the eye. One challenge in this field is to form such an image using a compact, robust optical arrangement, which also provides suitable image resolution and fidelity

Should the devices ever be produced, they could be used to show 3D images, as well as project images onto transparent screens, and thus give game developers a new canvas to create amazing augmented reality games. Or, simply, a pair of projecting glasses could provide you with a real-life HUD. Amazing!

While glasses and head-mounted displays are hardly new -- they've been around for a least a decade -- so far, the results have been mixed. For an idea of what I mean, check out the below video for Sony's personal 3D viewer:

Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer Review »

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Microsoft Patent For Head-Mounted Display Might Be Future Of Gaming


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