Beware the Ides of March: Top 5 Traitors in Video Games


Posted March 15, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

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The Top 5 Traitors in video games know exactly how to get close to you before putting a knife in your back. We’ve lined up a cast of characters that would make Caesar think twice about that trip to the forum. Hungry and lean, what hurts the most about these traitors may not the knife sticking out of our backs, but the way we let them get so close to us before the strike. The knife kinda hurts as well.

This list may contain some spoilers for anyone who’s yet to finish some of these games. You’ve been warned.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii, E3 2009

5. Player 2 – New Super Mario Bros.

If you have ever felt like your relationships with loved ones or friends happen to be going all too well, then do I have the game for you. New Super Mario Bros. multiplayer might have started out as a good idea on paper, but it all went horribly wrong when characters became power-up greedy obstacles bent on getting in the way of every landing and bouncing you into bottomless pits. Sure, there’s a smile on their little animated faces, but they only use them to hide their dark twisted hearts. Beware, Player 1. Beware!

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Has Ending Leaked Online

4. Sarah Kerrigan - Starcraft

You can’t really blame her for feeling a little hurt after leaving her to die in a massive Zerg rush in the first Starcraft game. Kerrigan returns, rebuilt and looking for revenge in the rest of the series as she mops up not only the Terrian and Protoss forces, but also takes over as the new Zerg Overmind during the Brood War expansion. Sometimes you betray the ones you love. Kerrigan betrays whole galaxies in the blink of an eye. Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned, or left behind with thousands of Zerg to become some sort of genetic hybrid seeking total revenge.

Albert Wesker

3. Albert Wesker – Resident Evil series

In the Resident Evil series, evil comes with a sharp haircut and a pair of shades that never come off. Albert Wesker may be known as the main antagonist in the survival horror series, but the first Resident Evil game had him on the right side of the law as he lead the Team Alpha in search of the missing Team Bravo in the mysterious mansion. While working for the evil Umbrella Corporation the whole time; Wesker injected himself with the prototype virus, faked his own death, and came back even stronger as he continues he pursuit of absolute power. This leader’s betrayal may have surprised the S.T.A.R. team, but it only goes to prove that you should never trust a guy with that much gel in his hair.

Portal 2

2. Wheatly – Portal 2

He was so dumb that he couldn’t have betrayed me. Well, that's what I thought. But he did. Wheatly might have been five pounds of steel and idiot that you needed to lug around as you tried to escape the remains of Aperture Science, but he quickly became two tons of trouble as soon as you switched his orb for that of GLaDOS. Smash you. Crush you. Make you do even more tests in Portal 2. Wheatly was in many ways far worse than his cold-hearted predecessor. GLaDOS’ single-mindedness was a far better fate than Wheatly’s absent-minded homicide. You always knew that when she tried to kill you, it was always with a smile across her circuit board.

Sinclair Solutions' Top 5 Rejected Plasmids For BioShock 2

1. Atlus/Fontaine - Bioshock

Would you kindly fall into a trap? Atlus, AKA Frank Fontaine, controlled you from the very moment you stepped out of the diving bell until you swung that nine iron around for the last time in Bioshock. What makes Fontaine’s lie hurt the worst is that you wanted to believe him. Somewhere in all the madness of Rapture, you thought you were doing the right thing. And when he cried as the apparatus with his supposed family fell into the murky sea, you felt your heart sinking along with them into the ice-cold water. He manipulated your emotions as well as your mind. Would you kindly, indeed!

If you happen to have any other favorite traitors in the land of video games or think that some of these villains deserve a second chance, let us know in the comment section below. Just remember to beware the Ides of March.

Beware the Ides of March: Top 5 Traitors in Video Games


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