Gamers Petition To Change Mass Effect 3 Ending


Posted March 12, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

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(This post contains Minor Mass Effect 3 Spoilers)

Mass Effect 3 hasn't even been on shelves for a full week, and there's already a movement growing to change the ending of the game. Disgruntled ME3 players have created a "Change the ending of Mass Effect 3 twitter feed," a facebook page to "Demand a better ending to Mass Effect 3" and flooded polls on Bioware's forums. There's even a petition to change the ending of the Mass Effect 3.

Apparently, the ending of the game is a bit too dark for some gamers, and they'd prefer a more upbeat ending, as well as an ending where Commander Shepard's in-game actions have more bearing on how the game finishes.

Here's how the Facebook page describes the issue:

"Mass Effect 3 is a great game until the last few minutes; they destroy everything fans have been playing for in the past 5 years."

The Facebook page alone now has over 13,000 "likes," and phase two, a letter-writing campaign, is planned.

I haven't finished ME3 yet, so I don't personally know how well the ending works, but I hope that BioWare doesn't decide to change the ending of the game based on the complaints of gamers: That's not how art works. The audience doesn't get to pick the ending. If you like a certain kind of game ending, you can make your own game and end it any way you choose. I have faith that the great writers and producers at BioWare are better at deciding how their franchise will end than the people who play it -- they've earned that kind of loyalty and respect through years of making impressive, story-driven games.

But that's just my opinion. What do you guys think? How do you feel about the ending of Mass Effect 3? Do you think it should be changed?

Gamers Petition To Change Mass Effect 3 Ending


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