Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: A Simple Strategy To Survive & Kill Enemies


Posted March 12, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide; A Simple Strategy To Survive

Need a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer guide that helps improve the chances of your survival? Rejoice, as G4tv provides you some simple strategies to make Mass Effect 3 online multiplayer a lot easier to win on any difficulty with any map. We also included quick tips on defeating those hard to beat enemies like Banshee, Brutes and Geth Prime. So read on and increase your survival rate in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer.


Communication is the most important thing to survival in multiplayer. With no radar, your eyes and ears are the only thing to locate and track them. Communicating will also set up a good defense, coordinate Biotic or Tech combos and conserve the few consumables of each teammate. Even before the match starts, tell your teammates what certain class and weapons you are choosing and find out the same about them. Remember there's no "I" in team.

Don't Go It Alone

Any enemy is easy to kill under a combined assault, and your chances of being revived when downed will greatly improve when working together. Being a lone wolf will not help you complete on beating all the waves, and everyone will hate you when you're on the other side of the map from the other three and there's Atlases to down (Atlasi?)

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide; A Simple Strategy To Survive

When To Move and When To Stay

Of course you don't want to run around the map going commando on the enemies, but it's a good idea not to stay tied down in one place like a scared dog unless an objective calls for it. When you get overrun know where to fall back to, and know where you can flank your enemies. If you ever are the last man standing in your squad or trying to complete the map solo, moving around is your best option for survival. Even better, keep your eye on the spawn points for each map so you can better control the flow of enemies.

Know Your Surroundings

The enemies in Mass Effect 3 are not only aggressive, but also pretty smart. They will try to sneak their ways through alternate routes in any location where players camp out. They will ambush you and your team from behind if you become too focused on a particular area. In order to prevent an ambush, make sure you scan the surroundings every so often and let your teammates know where they're coming in. Always keep an eye out for cloaked enemies as well (Geth Hunters, Phantom)!

Press The Trigger, Don't Hold It Down

It's never smart as a soldier to hold down the trigger and spray your bullets all over the place until you empty your clip. A smart and effective soldier would make sure he hits his target with great accuracy and the only way to do that is to fire your assault rifle or submachine gun in short, controlled bursts. Besides, headshots yield more damage and give you experience point boosts to help the whole party level faster.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide; A Simple Strategy To Survive

Now You'll Playing With Powers 

A Vanguard, Engineer, Infiltrator, and Adept are classes that should travel light so you can have a high bonus to power recharge. Take advantage of spamming Cryo Blast or Incinerate, and use cloaking to boost every sniper shot. More damage to the enemies equal better chance to survive. But use powers wisely, there's nothing worse than bringing Sabotage to a Reaper fight.

Don't Waste Your Items

It might be tempting to use your Ops Survival Pack the moment you get low on health or to pop a Medi-Gel as soon as you hit the ground, but try to make these resources last into the final waves of any mission. An ally can help you up, and an Atlas might be more deserving of Cobras. Wait until you're about to get curbstomped before hitting Medi-Gel, or better yet, just wait for the wave to refresh if the group isn't in danger.

Mass Effect 3

Here are some friendly tips to take down those tough enemies in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.


  • Banshee enemies only target one person at a time, so if you are the one targeted then make sure to keep walking backwards or run away so that the other players can aim at her head. That's her weakspot.


  • You will do more damage if you aim for their spinal column
  • As you roll away to avoid their charge attack, be sure to turn around and shoot their backs.
  • Teammates can distract the Brutes as you lob grenades or hit from behind.

Geth Prime:

  • This may time some practice, but you can shoot Geth Prime's slow missile before it hits you. You can effectively shut that attack down most of the time if you are far enough.
  • If you are getting shot at, dodging will help, but most of the time you want to be behind cover for the missiles.
  • Sabotage the Combat Drone or Turrets it deploys to rack up extra XP and keep the Prime off the party.

Geth Pyro:

  • Aim for their fuel tanks, a couple of shots will cause them to explode and kill them.
  • If you are an Infiltrator class, be sure not to stay close to them while cloaked, because they use their flamethrower attack to detect anyone near them and you don't want to get burned


  • As Ravagers release spiders after you, be sure to target their sacks first before picking off the little bugs.
  • When these enemies die they leave a pool of green acid that will cause great damage if you walk into it. Avoid it.
  • Being armored, Ravagers are pretty vulnerable to Incinerate, Carnage and other Armor-attacks.

If you have any quick tips of your own that you would like to share with your fellow soldier, then leave those tips in the comment box below. Sharing is caring.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Guide: A Simple Strategy To Survive & Kill Enemies


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