PixelJunk 4AM Puts Music In Your Hands

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Posted March 8, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

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PixelJunk 4am Makes You The Performer This Spring

Check out our preview of PixelJunk 4AM. It's an intriguing game, and not only did we get to hands-on with the title, but we also got an interview with Japense DJ Baiyon who worked on the game. Check out a taste of our PixelJunk 4AM preview.

"If PixelJunk 4am sounds trippy, that's a fair assessment. It is not, however, outrageous. The controls are tricky: After trying to jump right into the game I had to ask for the tutorials, and even then had some trouble grasping the fundamentals. 4am is simply unlike any game I've ever played before. Cynical critics may say it isn't a videogame at all, but 4am is yet another in a rising tide of video games that argue for a transcendent definition of what a video game actually is, and make the argument that it's more like a canvas upon which creators may paint their creations. In the case of PixelJunk 4am, that's literally what the point is."

Read our full PixelJunk 4AM preview.

PixelJunk 4AM Puts Music In Your Hands


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