Quantic Dreams "Kara" Video From GDC 2012 Is Simply Stunning


Posted March 8, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Quantic Dream's David Cage showed off some amazing motion capture video at GDC 2012.

The creator of Heavy Rain said that the Kara demo can be run on a PlayStation 3. It shows an android being built and gaining consciousness, as well as demoing some jaw-dropping motion and facial capture technology. Just look:

Cage says that Kara is just a demo, not indicative of his next game, but I remember back at E3 2005, when Sony was first showing off the PlayStation 3, there was a character demo from Quantic Dream that showed off amazing facial animations using at least one character who appeared in Heavy Rain. So you never know.

Quantic Dreams "Kara" Video From GDC 2012 Is Simply Stunning


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