Feedback Takes On Mass Effect 3, Halo 4 And Assassin's Creed 3


Posted March 7, 2012 - By Nikole Zivalich

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This week on Feedback, Commander Blair Herter and his crew of talented NPCs (Eric Eckstein, Donell Tucker, and Nikole Zivalich) have climbed aboard the Normandy SR-2 to bring you all of the week's video games news. Buckle your seat-belts; it's going to be a wild wide. Before we jump into Mass Effect 3, we discuss Halo 4, Fable: The Journey, Assassin's Creed 3, and more.

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We covered a ton of topics this week, all while occasionally hitting the questions you sent it. This week's topics included:

  • A new viddoc for Halo 4 was released promising a new and improved Halo experience. But are we convinced it won't be more of the same?
  • The Fable series is taking some risks. Two upcoming titles are very different from the Fable experience we've grown to love. How will Fable: The Journey and Fable Heroes stack up?
  • Rumors are swirling that Valve is working on a set top box. Is Valve going to compete with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo? Do we want them to?
  • Assassin's Creed 3 will officially be set during the American Revolution. Will this new setting be enough to win back fans who got burnt out on AC?

All of these news stories are just lovely but we're all here for the Mass Effect 3! ME3 was one of the most anticipated games of the last several years. The wait is over, but did it meet our expectations?

Nice comments only, thanks!

Feedback Takes On Mass Effect 3, Halo 4 And Assassin's Creed 3


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