Street Fighter X Tekken Proves That Capcom Knows Crossovers -- Our Review


Posted March 6, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

street fighter x tekken

Daniel "Clockwork" Maniago is no stranger to fighting games, but after Street Fighter X Tekken was welcomed with only a lukewarm response, and after controversy erupted over the game's new Gem system, he had to wait to get his hands on the game to see if it had the potential to live up to both fighting games' series in a way that could entice all the fans. Luckily for fighters everywhere, it seems Capcom did just that.

"Capcom has done an amazing job in fitting the Tekken puzzle piece into the Street Fighter jigsaw puzzle. Tekken characters have been redone to operate within the 2D fighting engine while still remaining true to their 3D roots, and familiar attacks have been given new properties to compensate for these changes. Jin and Kazuya can Special Step and Mist Step respectively, a maneuver new to Street Fighter but a staple of their fighting style in the Tekken series. Law retains his Dragon Charge stance as well as his Junkyard attack strings. Many Tekken characters are given various tools to deal with projectiles, which the Street Fighter cast is in no short supply of; Xiaoyu can quickly transition into her Phoenix stance to avoid Guile’s Sonic Boom, while King’s Jaguar Step passes through Ken’s Hadoken without incident. Just the fact that you can pit Ryu against Kazuya is enough to give hardcore fighting gamers a much deserved nerdgasm."

Dust off your joystick and head over to the rest of our Street Fighter X Tekken review.

Street Fighter X Tekken Proves That Capcom Knows Crossovers -- Our Review


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