Halo 4 Vs Halo: Reach Comparison: The HUD


Posted March 5, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Halo 4 Vs Halo: Reach Comparison: The HUD

The image you see above is a side-by-side shot of Halo 4 and Halo: Reach.  We took the Halo 4 shot from the just-released Halo 4 gameplay video. We wanted to take a closer look at Halo 4's HUD. To get an insider perspective on the differences between the games' heads-up-displays, we talked to pro gamer Tom "TSquared" Taylor to get his impressions of the HUD differences.

"This little shot is pretty interesting because there's a couple of things that are different that I'm seeing," Tsquared said. "It looks like a king of the hill game but it says 'Slayer.' And the score is so high. It looks like it says 399 to 139. And it has a wolf on the right hand side and what looks like a unicorn."  

Halo 4 Vs Halo: Reach Comparison: The HUD

"Those are actually Halo symbols, but it looks like maybe if this was a one vs, one that they played for hours and hours obviously, to get to that score, that's their symbols right there. Or that could be the team symbols, or it could just be 343 messing with us. I've learned with Halo not to jump to the conclusion." Tsquared said.

Feel free to jump to conclusions in our comment section. Did you notice anything else about the Halo 4 HUD that we missed?

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Halo 4 Vs Halo: Reach Comparison: The HUD


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