Street Fighter X Tekken: The Best Characters For Noobs And Pros


Posted March 2, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

The best characters in Street Fighter X Tekken may be hard to find when first picking up a copy of the game. With a roster of over 38 characters, beginners of the fighting genre may be overwhelmed with such a huge selection. At Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken launch event, we asked the pros about the best characters for beginners and the characters we'll see taking the top spot in tournaments around the world.

You're going to need practice, patience, and to log some long hours in the game; but with these picks, you might be heading to the championship sooner than you think. Here are picks straight from the pros.


Daniel "Clockw0rk" Maniago:

"Well, I think a lot of Street Fighter players, because they're going to feel right at home with most of the Street Fighter cast. I think Tekken characters that play like Street Fighter characters are Jin, Raven, and Juila.

If you want to pick up a Tekken character from the start, I would recommend Heihachi, in my opinion. I haven't played against too many people obviously, but it seems like Ryu, Rolento, Raven, Hugo, and Nina are top tier players."


Sherry "Sherryjenix" Nhan:

"I'm not sure about synergy, but I know Rolento is one of the best character in the game so far, and I believe another strong character will be Zangief. Rolento's pokes, jabs, and his rekka keeps him in positive frames so it leaves with so many set ups. With Zangief he use to be really dangerous in Super Street Fighter 4 and he's also really dangerous in Street Fighter X Tekken because his pokes lead into chain combos now, which now does way more damage."


Alex Valle:

"Oh my god, that game isn't out yet! I'm going to give it to my boy, Ryu. I'm kinda feeling Rolento, he's pretty hardcore in this game and Rufus is pretty close to being top tier. They're all really powerful.

The best characters to start off with is all of them. Honestly, wild out! Pick the character that seems the funnest to you, because this game is crazy. It's like the honeymoon time with the game. Nobody is going to knows gimmicks. Nobody is going to know what you are doing. Have fun with whatever character makes you want to play the game forever. Don't pick the character everyone else is picking, because you're going to lose interest faster that way."

We even had a chance to ask Yoshinori Ono, producer for Street Fighter X Tekken, who he thought the best characters were for beginners and professionals.



"Well if you're a kinda know pervert like myself, you would want to play Cammy and Chun-Li, but if you actually want to win instead of enjoying eye-candy I would recommend either Guile and Abel on the Capcom side or Marduk and King on the Tekken side. But beware if Marduk and King become too powerful we'll know that and patch them really quick. Enjoy it while you can."

We could waste this opportunity to ask the man behind the game about one of his favorite characters. Wherever the man behind the series goes, he always carries a little plastic Blanka with him. Then why isn't the beast from Brazil, Ono-san's favorite character, in Street Fighter X Tekken? Here's what he had to say.

"Interestedly, when we devise a character line up for this game we took a track of 80-20% split. 80% of the characters are characters fans wanted and were screaming for. 20% of the characters wanted to go wacky. We wanted to be unexpected that's how you get Poison and Marduk. Unfortunately, there are so many character slots so some guys fell through net, Blanka was one of them. That said, we're bringing them back 12 characters for the Vita version and your next question might naturally be, for the Vita version only or is it for the console too? My only answer to that is, "what do you think?"

Who do you think will make the top tier when Street Fighter X Tekken hits the stores?

Street Fighter X Tekken: The Best Characters For Noobs And Pros


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