Final Fantasy 13-2 Leveling Guide: The Best Way To Level Up Serah And Noel


Posted February 29, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

Final Fantasy 13-2 Leveling Guide: The Best Way To Level Up Serah And Noel

Looking for a Final Fantasy 13-2 leveling guide to help you find the best and fastest way to level up Serah and Noel? Then  you came to the right as G4tv.com teaches you where best to farm CP and how best to spend those experience points on your characters.

First, let's teach you the best way to farm CP (Crystarium Points). Lots of CP will provide a quick and easy way to level up your characters, so you'll need to obtain the "Rolling in CP" Fragment Skill, which you can get in Serendipity (??? AF) by collecting every Fragment in all Bresha Ruins and Yaschas Massif destinations. The "Rolling in CP" skill doubles your CP for every battle you face. Once you've got "Rolling in CP," head over to Academia 400 CF, and start farming! Without the "Rolling in CP" skill you only get about 480 CP, but with that skill it jumps to about 1000 CP per battle. After 30 battles you'll obtain about 30,000 CP which you can spend to quickly level up Serah or Noel to the next Crystarium expansion.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Leveling Guide: The Best Way To Level Up Serah And Noel

Serah's best roles are Saboteur, Ravager, Medic, and Commando. She's better if you focus more on Magic than Strength, because it'll best pour out her Role Bonuses. On the first Crystarium expansion you should select ATB +1 first as it will provide more attacks and more damage. After the first expansion unlock SAB (Saboteur) and then, Unlock Med (Medic) as she will be playing the role to heal and boast Noel's stats. Acquiring accessory capacity bonus and getting the final ATB segment should come around the 7th or 9th Crystarium expansion. Then, get the Ultima Arrow skill as soon as it shows up as in the expansion bonus scene. Finally, get bonus boosts for other roles in which she's good, for example, RAV (Ravager), SAB, and MED

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Noel's best roles are COM (Commando), SEN (Sentinel), and SYN (Synergist). I suggest acquiring ATB +1 in the first Crystarium expansion bonus and then unlocking SYN and next MED. From there as soon as the Meteor Javelin skill is available to obtain, focus on leveling Commando, Synergist, and Sentinel. Finally, boost your Ravager, Medic, and Saboteur when you unlock that skill around the 15th Crystarium expansion.

And there you go! Your on your way to defeat any monster or boss that comes your way. If you need more guide for Final Fantasy 13-2, check out our Final Fantasy 13-2 Quiz Guide and our Final Fantasy 13-2 Monster Guide.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Leveling Guide: The Best Way To Level Up Serah And Noel


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