SimCity 5 Screenshots Leak?


Posted February 29, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Sim City 5

Some screenshots have appeared online that may point to SimCity 5.

The photos (one of which is reposted above) come to us through a circuitous route. They originally appeared in German magazine Gamestar, but were put online on a Spanish website. The users of NeoGaf noticed them, and that where I saw 'em.

Along with the wealth of screenshots comes a translated article that purports to give some details of the game. If we trust the translation, it seems that SimCity 5 will similar to the previous games, except with greater levels of complexity and detail, although the game seems to have a greater focus on multiplayer. Here's a description of how various SimCity civic planners will work together:

"We manage a region along with our friends, visit and share resources on land, sea or air. As in the solo mode, you can create a specialized city according to our wishes. We dream of an elegant residential, leisure and you need to find jobs and electricity? No problem, our friend might like to be the largest coal producer in the world."

Supposedly, the release of SimCIty 5 is more than a year away.

Source: NeoGaf

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SimCity 5 Screenshots Leak?