The Binding Of Isaac Won't Be Coming To 3DS After All


Posted February 29, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

The Binding Of Isaac To Expand With The Wrath Of The Lamb

Edmund McMillen took to Twitter last night with an unfortunate message to share: The Binding of Isaac won't be coming to the 3DS. The game's co-creator tweeted that Nintendo shot down release plans after "a long internal debate," with the reason pegged to Isaac's "questionable religious content." The roguelike game's story is based on a tale from the bible.

McMillen didn't have much else to say about Nintendo's decision, though he's obviously disappointed. He instead took the opportunity to "thank GOD Steam exists!" Valve's digital distribution service has been good to Isaac, helping it to hit more than 450,000 PC copies sold (via Gamasutra). For now, McMillen continues to work on polishing off Isaac's planned DLC release, The Wrath of the Lamb. He said in early January that fans can expect to see the new content in "the next 2-4 months."


The Binding Of Isaac Won't Be Coming To 3DS After All