Chrono Bind Domains Registered By Square Enix


Posted February 27, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Chrono Trigger Receives An ESRB Rating For The Wii 

Deep breaths, Chrono Trigger fans. There's nothing to get overly excited about... yet. There could be any number of reasons for Square Enix registering the domains chronobind.com and chronobind.net, as Siliconera reveals.

It could be a Final Fantasy 13-2 thing. No, really. The Sazh-starring 'Heads or Tails?' DLC release this week adds a couple of new casino games to the festivities, including a card game that goes by the name of Chrono Bind. There's no similar Square Enix domain registration for the pack's other card game, Serendipity Poker, though that one is owned already by someone else.

It's very tempting to speculate that the publisher is finally gearing up for another Chrono Trigger game, but the evidence for now points more toward this week's DLC release. That alone is noteworthy, however.

The registrations could merely be a protective measure, a move to guard against cyber-squatters. Or it could be a sign that some kind of browser-based take on the DLC's new card game is in the works.

Of course, it could also point to another Chrono Trigger game. Just because FF13-2 has a card game called Chrono Bind, that doesn't mean a sequel to the classic time-traveling RPG series couldn't bear that name as well. Putting aside what you might want the registrations to mean, what do you think it is?

Source: Siliconera

Chrono Bind Domains Registered By Square Enix


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