Top 5 Oscar Winners in Video Games


Posted February 25, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

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We’ve turned the spotlight on the Top 5 Oscar Winners in Video Games as the Academy Awards airs this Sunday. Pick up any GTA game and you’ll find a who’s who of hot actors, but who among them has ever graced the stage at the Kodak Theater? Surprisingly enough, not many. Only the best and the brightest – or in Marisa Tomei’s case, the very lucky – get to take home the little golden statuette when the Oscars rolls out the red carpet. Just to be fair, we’re keeping the list to Oscar winners who are not playing the same character that they played in a movie. Even though Batman Begins sports two winners, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, we’re keeping them off the list since they haven’t graced another game since.

Get ready to walk down the red carpet, let us who you’re wearing this evening, and try to keep your acceptance speeches short as we present the Top 5 Oscar Winners in Video Games.

50 Cent: Bulletproof

5. Eminem – 50 Cent: Bulletproof

Though he might have been a bit player in one of the worse games of 2005, Eminem took home the little gold man for his original song, “Lose Yourself,” two years earlier for the movie 8 Mile. 50 Cent: Bulletproof took this infamous rapper off the streets and into the roll of Detective McVicar, a cop who will help anyone in need for the right price. Don’t start digging around the bargain bins looking for used copies of this game. Eminem’s delivery comes off as stilted and unbelievable, which is far more that I can say about this digital piece of junk.

As a bit of trivia, Eminem never showed up to the Oscars that evening to accept his award. While many speculated that the hardcore rapper snubbed the event to go off partying or maintain his street cred, the award-winning musician actually spent the night asleep in front of the TV while his daughter watched cartoons.

Stars War: The Force Unleashed 2

4. John Williams – Nearly every Star Wars and Indiana Jones game

Okay, this is a bit of a cheat, but imagine gaming today without the score of John Williams soaring in the background of some of your favorite titles. Starkiller would be all but lost without those familiar bars floating through the audial ether. Tell me that you don’t get goose bumps as the brass comes rushing in on that first note as you start up any Star Wars game. Just try to not hum to yourself the theme to Indiana Jones whenever you see that fedora and bull whip. This year, in particular, marks an impressive feat for John Williams. With his nominations for The Adventures of Tintin and War Horse, John becomes the most nominated composer in Oscar history with 42 nominations for Best Original Score.


3. Christopher Walken – Ripper, Privateer 2: The Darkening, True Crime: New York City, True Crime: Streets of LA

His game of choice may come with only one loaded in the camber, but winning the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for The Deer Hunter has not deterred Christopher Walken from appearing in video games. Not only has he lent his trademark cadence to such titles as the True Crime series, he made his mark during the golden age of FMV. Ah yes, were we ever so young, so foolish to believe that a green screen and cheap outfits would usher games into the future by further blurring the lines between cut scenes and cinema? Whatever the case, Walken takes everything in style, grace, and with plenty of cowbell.

God of War Gaia

2. Linda Hunt – God of War series

The smooth tone of her voice wafting through the air turns even the phone book into an epic adventure of danger, mystery, and a cast of thousands. Anyone who’s taken Kratos for a spin knows her voice, but fewer know her face or the fact that she’s an Oscar winning actress. Playing as Gaia, she leads you through the story of a man cursed by the Gods in the God of War series. In The Year of Living Dangerously, Linda Hunt guides Mel Gibson’s character through the twisted world of Indonesia politics as a male photographer. If you happened to be starved for more Oscar trivia on Sunday night, you can bring up the fact that she’s the first actor to win the award for playing someone of the opposite sex.

Black Ops

1. Gary Oldman (nominated this year) – Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, The Legend of Spyro series

Before you start fling your rants at me, I know that Gary Oldman has not received an Academy Award – yet. Whether he’s playing spy forced out of retirement in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy or the fire guardian dragon in Spyro, Oldman brings a sense of class to every roll he takes on. He also played Dracula in a movie without shiny vampires. With Christopher Plummer and Max von Sydow up for the award this year and both of them appearing in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we could have a couple more names to put on this list by the time Sunday night rolls around.

Before the big event hits the small screen, maybe you’d be better off playing a game than trying to catch up with all the Oscar contenders this year. You never know when the next Academy Award winner may come from the virtual world.

Top 5 Oscar Winners in Video Games


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