Borderlands 2 Trailer Breakdown: 10 Things That Caught Our Eye


Posted February 22, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

If your trigger finger isn’t already itching and the need for loot hasn’t hit a palatable level, then you probably didn’t catch the new Borderlands 2 "Doomsday" trailer. It happens. Sometimes you let the good things it life just pass you by. You can make up for it right now. Now with that out of the way, that nervous anticipation of flinging yourself back into the wastelands of Pandora should be setting in by now. With this in mind, let’s dive right into the newest trailer and see what wild features and breathtaking revelations we can piece together to form some kind of happy tapestry (Happestry?).

Borderlands 2 Trailer Breakdown: 10 Things That Caught Our Eye

1. We start out with one of the closest looks of how the game is shaping up. Just past those giant jaws, the good gents at Gearbox give us an eyeful of the landscape. As you can see, we have various areas, trails, and buildings in the same environment. To the left, we get a glimpse of a more open base that leads to a multilevel closed structure in the center of the screen, and finally shacks to the right. Compare this to the often-flat areas and cookie cutter structures from the previous game. Borderlands 2 picks up the lessons learned from The Secret Armory of General Knoxx where they started to play around with structure and elevation.

Notice the change in the environment from arid hills to snowy areas in the same section. Check out the bridge and structures back to the right past the snowy sections. This is going to be huge.

Borderlands 2

2. Gearbox shows off a couple of new characters along as some old faces. I picked out this little lady because of her kind eyes and heart tattoo–really, just for the tattoo. Who else has a heart tattoo and plunging neckline? That would be our favorite ex-wife, Moxxi. The relationship between the two women gets a little fuzzy once you get past the tattoo, but in a game that seems to focus on extending the family, I wouldn’t be surprised if they share more than just a little ink.

Borderlands 2

3. Not a lot of enemies get any screen time in this trailer, except this guy. This shield toting Protoman could be a unique character or just another type in the game. The trailer shows him twice–once with a grunt tied to his shield and a second time as he comes dropping down from above. Now we do get to see someone like him in the Salvador section sans shield. Is this no entry fellow the same one?

Borderlands 2 Trailer Breakdown: 10 Things That Caught Our Eye

3.5. There’s also another mysterious shield-wielder in later part of the video sporting a Reddit Rage Comic meme. Those guys really get around.

Borderlands 2

4. Whoa! What the hell did you just throw out? This may just be the new grenade type that works like a stationary unit. This one seems to be a shock-type since the enemies seem to show the shock damage. Check out the two sparks of lightening whipping out from this little unit. Also, we get a quick peek at a new enemy-type in the center. He has two guns and a tiny shirt just like in my dreams...

Borderlands 2

5. Let’s talk abilities. Maya’s ability is called Phaselock, which seems to incapacitate an enemy as long as you hold on to them. Just to run through the abilities: Sweet Release creates life orbs that heal the party when you kill a phaselocked enemy; Wreck increases damage when you’ve locked down someone; Recompense gives you a chance to recharge your shields when you’re taking damage; Res lets you revive an ally with phaselock; Elate lets your team regenerate health when you put someone in phaselock. A second tree allows you to reflect bullets off of you once you kill an enemy as well as improve your speed and shields.

What else do you want? Check out the ability tree that they didn’t cover. Phoenix power is no longer the last ability on the tree. Again, the Siren looks to be a close combat character where you could play more of a tank character with the additional shields and bullet reflection.

Borderlands 2

6. Borderlands has always been about three things: guns, guns, and guns. Check out this shot, and you can see that you’re looking at something very familiar with a few tweaks. As you can tell from the screaming skeleton, this happens to spew out highly corrosive rounds of ammo. On the side of the gun, you can see little green lights indicating corrosive ammo. Now the guns look the way they act, with little details to indicate what kind of punch they’re really packing.

Borderlands 2 Trailer Breakdown: 10 Things That Caught Our Eye

7. Welcome to car talk. Once again, we see a bit of General Knoxx DLC slip its way into the game with these 4-player vehicles. We have a driver, a gunner, and two in the back with their own guns. What’s special about this is the quick flip between the passenger and the driver during the trailer. There’s no more stopping the car for everyone to switch seats.

Borderlands 2 Trailer Breakdown: 10 Things That Caught Our Eye

8. Speaking of vehicles, I want to ride around in this. Scatch that, I want to fly around and destroy armies in this thing. Check out the background of this picture. The environment scales up into the sky instead of laying down flat like previous areas we've seen. A flying vehicle could be possible in Borderlands 2 if you keep the focus 

Borderlands 2

9. I know what you’re thinking. That’s a huge robot. But the second thing will probably be the colors. Borderlands 2 trades in the earthy tones for something a little more vibrant. The robots in the trailer really stand out against the muted backgrounds. In several shots, you can barely see the red signs and worn out light bulbs in the distance. We also see a wider assortment of creatures and enemies from new insects looming in the foreground to the familiar faces bursting into a million pieces with a shotgun blast. It may seem small to you, but it’s these touches that add character to the world you’re trying not to die in.

Borderlands 2

10. Remember the skeleton from the beginning of the trailer. Here’s the thing again, only living and slightly out of focus. Borderlands 2 dips back into the oversize monster bin for new enemies or perhaps some boss battles. If you don’t blink, you’ll be able to catch something that looks like the return of Skagzilla in the shadows.

So there you have it. Now these are just some of the elements that stood out to us, so if there's something we missed or there are things that caught your eye, let us know in the comments section below.

Borderlands 2 Trailer Breakdown: 10 Things That Caught Our Eye


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