The Darkness 2 Relic Locations Guide: Finding All 29 Campaign Relics

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Posted February 15, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

The Darkness 2 Relic Locations Guide: Finding All 29 Campaign Relics

Getting consume by the "Darkness" because you can't find all 29 relics in the single player campaign for The Darkness 2? Let G4 shine the light upon your mind as we put together The Darkness 2 Relic Locations Guide. In addition to collecting these relics and learning about the history of the Darkness, each relic you obtain will give you +300 Essence. If you do the math you have a chance to get +8700 Essence points to level up Jackie.

Happy Hunting!

1 - Roanoke's Bane
Chapter: PayBack
The first Relic is on the ground in the alley behind the building you exit after Darkling saves you. Approach the candle-lit assortment of offerings and claim Roanoke's Bane.

2 - Yhwh's Lament
Chapter: Payback
This Relic can be found at the rear of the platform behind the steps you descend in the subway station. Turn completely around to face the direction you came and walk along the edge of the platform to find it near the red light at the end of the platform.

3 - The True Revelation

Chapter: The Family
This relic is located in Aunt Sarah's room on the side table beneath a painting in the bedroom.

4 - Sister of Light
Chapter: Q And A
Duck into the small arcade on the right-hand side of the pool hall to find this relic on the floor in the corner.

5 - The Dark Man

Chapter: Q And A
This relic is located off to the left on the Talent Shire in the junkyard.

6 - The Trinity
Chapter: Q And A
After destroying Swifty's Crane and running up the fallen boom, the relic is in the foreman's office behind the crane.

7 - The Graven Image
Chapter: Q And A
This relic is inside a closet on the floor of the room with the automobile engines and convertor belt.

8 - The Chime of Deliverance
Chapter: Q and A
Shoot the generator just inside the loading bays to kill the light then enter the office up the stairs on the left.

9 - The Brothers of Men
Chapter: Strong Silent Type
Grab this relic before entering the brothel. It's on the loading dock to the right of where the limousine drops you off.

10 - Key of Mictlan
Chapter: Strong Silent Type
This relic sits out in the open atop some crates in the corner of the hallway beyond the locked door. Use the UMP and riot shields to eliminate the enemies down the hall to the right then grab the relic.

11 - Thumb Screws
Chapter: Deal With The Devil
Victor's men are setting fire to the building, but don't rush out the door just yet. On the floor of the interrogation room, to the right of the cross.

12 - Fool's Phylactery
Chapter: Deal With The Devil
It's on the yellow fire-escape to the right of the tarries you use to cross the ally. If you look down and to the right while crossing the neighboring building, use the Demon Arm to grab it.

13 - Winged Demon

Chapter: Home Invasion
The Winged Demon is in the security office near the elevators, in the parking garage area. Don't take the elevator right away. Rip down the door to the security room at the far end of the lobby and locate the relic.

14 - Blinding Sun

Chapter: Home Invasion
Siting on the floor of the room to the right of the kitchen. You can get it before talking with Jimmy the Grape.

15 - Cain
Chapter: Saying Goodbye
On the ground in the section of the cemetery where Aunt Sarah's funeral was. It's to the right of a large planter, between two shrubs.

16 - Engraved Skull

Chapter: Saying Goodbye
Disable the generator powering the lighted and continue beyond the gate and narrow fenced walkway to the next set of tombs. It's on the ground behind the tomb to the left as you enter the next section of cemetery.

17 - Lantern of Saint Anthony

Chapter: Fun and Games
Enter the carnival and round the corner to the left where the first lamp post is located. Find the corn dog stand and Glacier Run amusement ride and turn right. The relic is on the ground between some crates.

18 - Af And Hemah
Chapter: Fun And Games
Enter the second area of Heligate Field and immediately climb the steps on the right to the eating area near the boarded-up concessions. It's on the ground right pass the picnic tables.

19 - Abysmal Maw
Chapter: Fun And Games
It's on the ground inside the castle, not far from the shooting gallery where you saw the vision of Jenny.

20 - Crescent of the Sun

Chapter: Fun And Games
Enter the building to the left of the clown gate. Once inside look through the locked gate on the right to spot the Relic on a table. shoot out the light on the ceiling so it doesn't repel your Demon Arm, then grab the relic with the left Demon Arm.

21 - Siddhartha's Tears
Chapter: Fun And Games
Approach the fuel truck and behind is the relic on top of a table.

22 - Mark of Cain
Chapter: Fun And Games
Inside the ticket booth at the Castle of Horror is the last relic for this chapter. Use the Demon Arm near the Talent Shrine or walk around to the rear of the ticket booth.

23 - Pope John XII
Chapter: Rat In A Maze
Kill the two enemies in the part of the cellar just after spotting the iron maiden then enter room on the right. The small storage room has the relic waiting for you.

24 - Reliquary of the Blessed Blood
Chapter: Rat In A Maze
This oddly-shaped relic sits atop a table in the corner of Jackie's father office. It's on the right-hand side of the room as you enter.

25 - The Silent Night

Chapter: Homecoming
Located in the room behind the wall you tear down to form a bridge above the staircase. Use the Demon Arm to grab the relic before it falls down to the lower level.

26 - The Deceiver's Grasp

Chapter: Homecoming
Carefully walk past the hole in the floor to the collapsing wall and look over the debris to the next room. It's on the floor in the corner of the inaccessible room. Use the Demon Arm to grab it on an angle.

27 - Wrath And Anger
Chapter: Last Stand
Enter the main attic area and turn to the right at the first framed poster. On the ground in the corner beside a shattered mirror is the next relic. Collect the relic during the main battle.

28 - Prism of the Brothers
Chapter: Heart of Darkness
Located near the stairs after you first meet Jenny. It's on the right-hand side, between the wall and the pile of large bricks.

29 - Ashes of the Unnamed
Chapter: Heart of Darkness
The last relic is located on the right-hand side of the path after the bride action scene. Grab the relic before you leap over the spikes.

The Darkness 2 Relic Locations Guide: Finding All 29 Campaign Relics


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