Resident Evil 6 Features Running, Jumping, Shooting Zombies


Posted February 15, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Resident Evil 6 Features Running, Jumping, Shooting Zombies

Brace yourselves, Resident Evil fans. Today, Capcom unleashes a ton of new information about Resident Evil 6, which is coming on November 20. Character details, enemy details, control tweaks... you name it. Not one but TWO uses of the word "whilst" in the new fact sheet. No, that has nothing to do with the game. But hey, it stands out, right?

You already knew from the initial announcement that the game will follow Leon Kennedy on one side of the world, gunning down a zombified U.S. president following a bioterrorist attack, and Chris Redfield on the other side of the world, in China, as he faces a similar threat there (zombies, not zombified U.S. presidents... though that would be cool).

A new fact sheet from Capcom reveals that Chris will be taking on the deadhead hordes in the fictional Chinese coastal town of Lanshiang, in the year 2013. So close! We're also introduced to Helena Harper, who you saw blaming herself for what happened to the president in the trailer. She's a government agent just like Leon, only she was on her way to becoming a Secret Service agent... until the prez went all brain-eater, that is.

Meanwhile, Chris Redfield is the leader of the BSAA. Roughly six months before the events of the upcoming game he went through some kind of "personal trauma," with China being his first time back out in the field since then. I wonder what that will mean for his mental disposition when the fit hits the shan. Still no additional details on the trailer's unnamed third protagonist, beyond the fact that he's a merc operating in Eastern Europe, where B.O.W.s are apparently a common sight.

The fact sheet goes on to confirm what the trailer had previously hinted at: zombies in RE6 will run, jump and use weapons. You'll also have to watch out for J'avo, B.O.W.s that first popped up in Eastern Europe. They're notable for their ability to understand speech, work in groups and use weapons, sort of like Velocirapters. They also regenerate when damage is taken and they'll flat-out mutate into a new form if MAJOR damage is taken.

The fact sheet ends with a tiny bit of talk about the redesigned control scheme. The major bullet point here? You can shoot and move at the same time. You'll also be able to roll in any direction, take cover and make use of an "enhanced melee attack." Yay details!

Resident Evil 6 Features Running, Jumping, Shooting Zombies


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