Tiger Woods 13 Preview: Golf! Golf! Golf! Golf!

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Posted February 10, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

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Tiger Woods 13

Like Tiger Woods himself, Adam "The Riveter" Rosenberg is the product of a lifetime spent in pursuit of a single goal. Woods' dark mistress is golfing perfection, while Rosenberg's is writing game previews. The two met when Rosenberg played Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 recently. Here's a taste of his preview.

"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Hands-on Preview -- You are the Golfer Adam Rosenberg You can, in fact, play through an entire tournament without ever picking up your controller using a series of mostly intuitive hand gestures and body movements. While your golfer is standing at the tee you can raise your left hand up over your eyes, like you're shielding them from sunlight, to go into aiming mode. The camera zooms in on a high-angle view from further down the course, highlighting where the ball is expected to land after you hit it with whichever club you've readied."

Check out the rest of our Tiger Woods 13 preview for more on the game's Kinect integration... but before you do, check out the playable Tiger Woods baby above. Is that the creepiest video game character since Pyramid-head, or is it just me?

Tiger Woods 13 Preview: Golf! Golf! Golf! Golf!


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