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Posted February 7, 2012 - By Dana Leahy

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The Darkness 2 Guide

The Darkness 2
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
MSRP: $59.99
ESRB Rating: M

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What kind of game is it?

The Darkness 2 is an action-horror first person shooter. The game is a  follow up to 2007's The Darkness and while there was heavy criticism surrounding the first game, The Darkness 2 has roared back with improved combat and a rich storyline.

Who's the Developer?

While the first game was developed by Starbreeze Studio (makers of The Chronicles of Riddick series), development duties were transferred to Digital Extremes for The Darkness 2. Digital Extremes is best known for their original IP Dark Sector, and also working on the multiplayer gameplay for both BioShock 2 and Homefront

What's the story?

Taking place two years after the events of the first game, the host of The Darkness Jackie Estacado has become the head of a successful crime family. He has managed to bottle up the demon that lives inside of him, but when he begins to be haunted by the ghost of his dead girlfriend, The Darkness overtakes him, and he goes on a mission to destroy the men who wish to destroy him. 


There is a co-op mode, but no competitive multiplayer. Vendetta mode offers co-op missions where you play as one of four characters who wield Darkness-infused weapons. While loosely tied into the main story, the Vendettas are definitely a side dish to the robust main course of the single-player campaign.  

What'd we say?

From Jeffrey Matulef's The Darkness 2 Review

"Perhaps the biggest improvement this sequel makes is its approach to combat. First off, you no longer move like a snail. More importantly, the Darkness techniques are integrated far more efficiently than in its predecessor. Your left tentacle grabs items and stunned enemies, while the right can swipe for a devastating melee attack. Additionally, you have two Darkness powers. One lets loose a swarm of insects ala the wasp plasmid in Bioshock, while the other temporarily boosts your guns' power as they fire off rounds of magical ammo. Both abilities are on a cool-down timer, so they must be used sparingly. There's also an upgrade tree with options for greater health regeneration, deadlier attacks, and the cathartic black hole launching from the first game."

See it in action:

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The Darkness 2 Guide


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