The Darkness 2: Hyper-Violent Horror Fun


Posted February 7, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Darkness 2

Words like "Bombastic Violence" and "Understated Character Development" rarely go together, but when it comes to a review of The Darkness 2, all conventional wisdom is thrown out. The game is a vast improvement over the first, and will provide action-horror fans with many happy hours of fun.

Here's a bit of Jeffrey Matulef's Darkness 2 review:

"Perhaps the biggest improvement this sequel makes is its approach to combat. First off, you no longer move like a snail. More importantly, the Darkness techniques are integrated far more efficiently than in its predecessor. Your left tentacle grabs items and stunned enemies, while the right can swipe for a devastating melee attack. Additionally, you have two Darkness powers. One lets loose a swarm of insects ala the wasp plasmid in Bioshock, while the other temporarily boosts your guns' power as they fire off rounds of magical ammo. Both abilities are on a cool-down timer, so they must be used sparingly. There's also an upgrade tree with options for greater health regeneration, deadlier attacks, and the cathartic black hole launching from the first game."

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The Darkness 2: Hyper-Violent Horror Fun


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