The Amazing Spider-Man Dev Reveals The 'Web Rush' Mechanic


Posted February 7, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

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Beenox has done some cool things with the Spider-Man license over the course of two mostly linear and narrative-driven action games, Shattered Dimensions and last year's Edge of Time. The studio's next dance with the web-slinger will instead be taking a page from the book written by Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch. Spidey is returning to an open world in the Beenox-developed movie tie-in, The Amazing Spider-Man, due for release this summer.

We've only seen tiny bits of the game so far, but those who want to know more should probably tune in at the game's Facebook page. Fan questions are being answered, and new facts are emerging. We already knew about the open world and most of us probably figured that it would feature "side missions, challenges and mini-games." The most recent question reveals a new game mechanic called Web Rush.

"We introduce an all-new gameplay mechanic called the Web Rush, which gives players real-time navigational and combat choices," lead game designer Rodolphe Recca writes. "Web Rush can be triggered on the fly, at any moment and immediately presents you with a variety of situational choices, letting you pull off Spidey’s signature moves like never before."

Soooo... yeah. That doesn't really tell us much. It sounds a bit like Saints Row: The Third's so-called "Awesome" button, which applied a modifier to many in-game actions to make them... well... more awesome. Clever name, that. Web Rush sounds similar, a contextual command that allows the in-game Spidey do all of the awesome things that a spider can.

And hey! Since you're here to read about Spider-Man, why not take a peek at the freshly released movie trailer up top?

Source: Facebook

The Amazing Spider-Man Dev Reveals The 'Web Rush' Mechanic


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