Prototype 2: RADNET Edition Offers Hefty Pre-order Incentives


Posted January 31, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

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When Activision drops Prototype 2 on April 24, a "limited" number of copies of the game will ship with a packed-in code granting players access to a DLC delivery system called RADNET, Radical Entertainment confirms on its website (via One of Swords). A pre-order will guarantee you access to this enhanced copy of the game, though the developer promises that a "limited launch quantity" of RADNET Edition Content-filled titles will also be available.

We've seen plenty of limited time post-launch bonus content offerings like this before, but RADNET warrants a special mention because of the scope of what you're getting. In addition to Xbox 360/PlayStation 3-exclusive Avatar Items and Dynamic Themes (respectively), players can expect to receive "55 pieces of additional content including Events, friend vs. friend competitive score Challenges and weekly themed Rewards" in the seven weeks following the game's release. These rewards could be anything from behind-the-scenes videos to bonus in-game Mutations.

The above video goes into a little more detail, adding to what Radical lays out in the newly posted FAQ.

Source: Radical Entertainment

Prototype 2: RADNET Edition Offers Hefty Pre-order Incentives


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