Top 5 Wolves in Videogaming


Posted January 27, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

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You don’t have to be a loner or be hungry like one to know that wolves in videogames are pretty awesome. With The Grey – or as one staffer here put it “The Wolf Puncher Movie” – coming out this weekend, we here at G4TV.com picked out the best of the wolf pack while ignoring the runts of the litter.  Though their fur may be made of pixels, the ferociousness and power of these majestic creatures have surely earned them a place in the virtual world.  Just remember to pick up after your werewolf. Here are the Top 5 Wolves in Gaming.

Next Legend of Zelda Wii Likely To Support MotionPlus, Possibly Coming Next Year

5. Link – Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

For taking up the fur only half the time, Link makes for a pretty decent wolf. With claws out and a hungry jaw, this mutt knows how to rip apart the monsters invading Hyrule. With a little work, those big paws of yours can even dig your way out of trouble. I’m going to have to deduct points for Midna riding Link around like a common horse. Wolves have way too much respect to act as a taxi service to anyone.

WolfQuest: Slough Creek preview video from eduweb on Vimeo.

4. Wolf Quest

Did you ever want to just spend your days as a wolf? Then you might just have a problem. But until science can find a cure for that, there’s always Wolf Quest, the multiplayer wolf simulator.  Finally, public urination completes a quest instead of brining shame on you and your family.  You and a couple of friends roam the wilds protecting your territory and taking down the great bull elk.  Start practicing your howl. The call of the wild wants you for the hunt.

Darkstalkers Gallon

3. Gallon – Darkstalkers

In a series better known for its scantily clad succubus, Gallon stands out as a warrior who can take on everything from the undead to little girls with machine guns.  Born of nobility and with a snazzy fashion sense, Gallon, also known as Jon Talbain, fights to remove the curse set upon him. I always like it that pants are somehow a symbol of holding on to that last sliver of humanity. His fuzzy exterior may say nature boy, but his shorts say that he’s ready for a night at the opera. His quick hits and ability to turn into a flying ball of fur and fury makes this werewolf the deadliest lycan in the fighting world. Sorry, Saberwulf.

Star Fox - Wolf

2. Wolf O’Donnell – Star Fox series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Everyone needs a good adversary. We need someone who may be slightly better than us and will do anything just to prove it. For Fox McCloud, that man is Wolf O’Donnell. Originally set out to destroy team Star Fox, Wolf takes the mission a little too personally when losing to the hero of Corneria in their first encounter. As with many of these stories, sometimes your greatest enemy can become your greatest ally as envy turns to respect. Wolf even goes as far saving our hero in Star Fox: Assault. Sometimes hatred is only fur deep. 


1. Amaterasu– Okami

At the top of our list is a wolf so great that they made her a god. Amaterasu, mother to us all, personifies what makes being a wolf so great. She has both style and grace, but is not afraid to get into a fight if the situation calls for it. Villagers you meet on your journey both fear and respect you as a force of nature that rides the fine line of civility. As a wolf mother, Amaterasu cares for and defends to the death the people who depend on her. Earn her respect and you have a mighty ally at your side for sure. It also doesn’t hurt that she starred in of the greatest action games around. If you haven’t played Okami, do yourself a favor by picking up this game and feel the power of the wolf.

Top 5 Wolves in Videogaming


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