Full StarCraft 2 MLG 2012 Pro Circuit Details Revealed: Over $76,000 Up For Grabs For Pro Gamers


Posted January 26, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

Major League Gaming Goes Global

Major League Gaming
(MLG) has announced a few more details on the upcoming StarCraft 2 2012 Pro Circuit Tournament. We initially reported on the StarCraft 2 Winter Championship series earlier this week, which will feature regional qualifiers, an arena event, and culminate with a live Winter Championship event.

Today, MLG has revealed the full StarCraft 2 season details, including the prize pool for the events. The first Winter Championship will be held from March 23-25 in Columbus Ohio. Here are the dates for the Spring, Summer, and Fall Championships:

  • Spring Championship: June 8-10 – Location TBA
  • Summer Championship: August 24-26 – Location TBA
  • Fall Championship: November 2-4 – Location TBA

As for the prize pool, it's pretty huge. Pro StarCraft 2 players from around the world will be competing for a hell of a lot more money in prizes this year than they did in 2011.

On top of all 32 players who make it through the regional qualifiers getting an all-expenses-paid trip to MLG Winter Arena, there will also be a $26,000 prize pool on the line. The full breakdown goes like this:

  •     1st – $10,000
  •     2nd – $6,000
  •     3rd – $3,600
  •     4th- $2,200
  •     5th/6th – $1,400 (no consolation matches will be played)
  •     7th/8th – $900 (no consolation matches will be played)

In addition, the top 16 players from the regional tournament will all get spots in Pool Play at the Winter Championship where $76,000 in prizes will be up for grabs. A staggering $25,000 will be awarded to the person who wins first place at the event. That's exactly five times as much as what the first place winner could earn at a regular Pro Circuit event back in 2011.

With higher prizes on the line, hopefully the competition will be even better for the fans. As of now, MLG still hasn't announced where the other Pro Circuit events will be or what other games will be played, but as we get more news we'll let you know.

In the meantime, what do you guys think of the MLG's StarCraft 2 Pro Circuit plans? Let us know in the comments.

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Full StarCraft 2 MLG 2012 Pro Circuit Details Revealed: Over $76,000 Up For Grabs For Pro Gamers


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