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Posted January 26, 2012 - By Jonathan Deesing

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I’ll be honest; I haven’t been much of a fan of handheld consoles since the Game Boy Advance. I realize that handhelds have evolved and improved since Metroid Fusion, but I never felt like they were keeping up with home consoles. That is until I first heard about the PlayStation Vita. It seemed to me immediately that the Vita made up for five years of a yawn-worthy handheld market. Cameras, tilt control, front and back touchpad, dual joysticks, and incredible graphics all represent one giant leap for handhelds.

After playing a dozen games on a dozen Vitas at CES this year, I’m even surer of the limitless possibilities offered by the handheld. With a lineup of games from the biggest franchises in video games, the Vita is here to stay. Needless to say, I’m excited. But more than just excitement for the Vita, I’m excited for games I think would be perfect for the system. Picking up Uncharted on the Vita felt the same as the PS3, until I saw something sparkly on the screen and instinctively tapped it to pick it up. So without further ado, these are the games I feel absolutely need to be seen glowing on a screen on the train.

FIFA 11 Preview

Every Sports Game

I love sports games, and gobble them up indiscriminately. After playing FIFA on the Vita, I was stunned at just how natural it felt. My main problem when it comes to sports games—be it hockey, soccer, or basketball—is passing. But with a touchpad, you can properly lead your player with a pass, or simply ensure you’re passing to the right guy. Further, the overwhelmingly crisp graphics on the Vita may make some competition for sports titles on home consoles. I would love to shoot foul shots using the gyroscope or use the touchscreen to block a penalty kick.



Infamous is one series I think would immediately test the limits of the Vita. A processor pummeling game with a million things going on, I’d love to see if the system could handle it. Consider a climbing mechanic that used the touchscreen or a mechanic for your powers using the back touchpad. Not to mention using the gyroscope for any number of cool abilities. Though, you may look a little strange at the DMV slamming your Vita into your lap to simulate a power bomb.

Twisted Metal: Eat Sleep Play Talks About Their Upcoming Game

Twisted Metal

Seeing its release on Valentine’s Day this year, Twisted Metal for the PS3 promises to be one hell of a comeback for the long-absent series. And what better a compliment than a companion game for the Vita? The gyroscope again offers some sweet possibilities for the controller’s use as a steering wheel and the camera could certainly make for some cool augmented reality courses.

'Resident Evil 5'

Resident Evil

Other than a semi-announced title for the PSP Go, PSP users have been left wringing their hands looking to fill them with a few million zombies. Though Resident Evil may not be a title that would take advantage of all the features the Vita has to offer, the graphics alone make it a title I want to see on the handheld. One thing that makes RE titles so incredible is their realistic terrifying visuals, and running from a Licker would be just as scary in line at the bank as it was in your parent’s basement.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Screenshot

Metal Gear Solid

This one is almost a certainty, and may turn out to be the coolest game on this list. Following the awesome Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PSP; a Vita title is the next natural progression for the series. With all of the gadgets at Snake’s disposal, a handheld with near endless options would be perfect for fans. Having an interactive HUD and extra options provided by the back touchpad and gyroscope would make for an impressive Metal Gear title. 

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

Star Wars

Yes, I mean Star Wars in general. Whether it’s a Battlefront sequel, another Force Unleashed, or entirely new title; it’ll be a dream come true. One cool idea would be an Infinity Blade-esquegame that uses the back touchpad instead of the front for blocking, attacking and parrying with the light saber. This would also allow players to move their character while giving them full control of the direction and swing of their blade. What I’m saying is the Vita may offer the solution to decades of nerds like me wishing they could get a realistic Jedi experience out of a game.

Vita Games We Want to See


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