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Posted March 6, 2012 - By Nikole Zivalich

SWTOR Companion Romance Guide :: Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game Gossip

Star Wars: The Old Republic can be a tough place to find love; that's why we made this SWTOR Companion Romance Guide. Your next quest, 10 force-sensitive rakghouls, the perfect armor mods; there are plenty of missions in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and there are just as many potential hook-ups. I have some advice for navigating your way through romantic space. This will be the first, in a series I like to call Rated-Teen Beat: Everything you need to know about gaming's latest gossip. Let's dish!

Today we’re going to focus, not just on finding love, but on finding that perfect companion that can be the tank to your healer, if you know what I mean. Am I right, ladies?

Finding Love In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

First off, the bad news. SWTOR won't allow same-sex relationships. Yes, it’s 2012 and we’re closer to same-sex marriage acceptance than ever, and yes KOTOR had same sex hook-ups, but no, I cannot romance Ashara no matter how hard I try. And believe me, I’ve tried. A post-launch update allowing same-sex relationships is expected but release date has not been announced.

Each of the eight classes has at least one male and female option. Some have way more than that and it’s kind of unfair. The Sith Warrior is definitely the sluttiest of all the classes. Some classes are downright limited in their options, like the Bounty Hunter. Here's your full look at all your options:

The Empire

Sith Inquisitor

SWTOR Companion Romance Guide :: Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game GossipAndronikus Revel
If you’re playing as a the Sith Inquisitor you will only have one companion that can be romanced. If you’re a female character, you’re stuck with Andronikus Revel. He’s a former pirate leader who has all the makings of scoundrel, complete with a chip on his shoulder. He spent five year gallivanting across space as the captain of the Sky Princess. I’m not kidding, that was the name of his ship. When you two finally meet up, he’s hell-bent on getting revenge. Sign number one he’s not for you: he can’t let things go. Not to mention he was the captain and the pilot of his ship. He obviously has issues maintaining control.

Ashara Zavros -- Heartthrob Alert!!!
If you’re a male Inquisitor, then allow me to introduce Ashara Zavros, AKA Jedi jailbait. When you meet Ashara, she’s a young Jedi apprentice with a soft spot for ghosts. Seems edgy, right? Wrong. Ashara is about as goody-goody as you can get. This is perfect if you happen to be an honorable Sith with Light 3 or above. Chances are, if you’re playing as a Sith you’re going to act like a Sith and if that’s the case, you’re going to have trouble wooing Ashara. She’s kind of a prude and the only way you’ll have a chance with her is to constantly choose light side choices.

I’m totally lightside for a Sith but BioWare won’t let Ashara and I be together.

The bottom line is, Ashara is a changer. She likes to pick a bad boy with the hopes that she can change him. If you’re a dark Sith, don’t waste your time.

Sith Warrior

SWTOR Companion Romance Guide :: Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game Gossip

If you're a Sith Warrior, you're going to have a much easier time getting some than most of your fellow Empire counterparts. They might give you a hard time about it but you'll be knee-deep in blue milk, so what do you care? Whether you play as a male or a female you'll have two choices to court.


First is Vette, a cute little Twi'Lek with more emotional baggage than the Fury has room for. She was taken from her parents at a young age (Daddy Issues: Check) and was forced to become a slave. After being freed she chose the life of a pirate (Did somebody say gold-digger?). Vette, like Ashara, wants a Sith who isn't afraid to be in touch with his light side. If you want to get with her, be prepared to make peaceful choices. Unlike Ashara, Vette knows how to have a good time. If you do get her to warm up to you, she'll bring her slave collar with her. Did I mention she has a sister? If you like it, put a ring on it. (Yeah, you can marry her.)

Jaesa Willsaam
Your second choice is Jaesa Willsaam, a young Jedi Padawan. Unlike Vette, Jaesa likes it when you get really mean. Her turn-ons include blood, murder, chaos, random acts of cruelty. If you're a naughty Sith, then Jaesa is the companion you've been waiting for.

Malavai Quinn
Female Sith Warriors also have two potential love interests. Malavai Quinn is loyal to the Empire and can be a bit of kiss ass. Duty-bound and honor are great qualities in a guy but it's his ability to make you feel better that makes him a winner. Yeah, he's a healer. Mom always did tell me to marry a doctor.

Lieutenant Pierce
Lieutenant Pierce is a military man. He signed up with The Empire out of his love of hunting down The Republic. His lust for action often landed him in trouble as he's reckless and doesn't handle authority well. If there was leather jacket armor he'd be wearing it. He really likes guns, if you show him yours, he'll show you his.

Bounty Hunter

SWTOR Companion Romance Guide :: Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game Gossip

If you're into doing it with machines then choose the Bounty Hunter class. Male Bounty Hunters only have one option, a cyborg named Mako. Like most girls, she wants you to change your dark ways in favor of her own views. She also likes it when you talk about money. No surprises here, she like expensive gifts. If you want to buy her affection, stick with technology.

Torian Cadera
If you're a female Bounty Hunter, you're going to have to put your jets on ice for a while. You won't meet Torian Cadera until Taris. His main ability is Aim and secondary ability is Endurance, two qualities I find endlessly important in a man. Can I get an Amen?

Imperial Agent

SWTOR Companion Romance Guide :: Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game Gossip

Kaliyo Djannis Ensign
If you get your kicks from bald, pale, anarchistic chicks, and you're a male Imperial Agent, then I suggest getting to know Kaliyo Djannis. She's aggressive, likes to take risks and knows how to work a blaster rifle. Be warned, this Rattataki is the jealous type. Do not flirt with anyone in front of her. Seriously.

Raina Temple
Perhaps Kaliyo doesn't get your blood boiling, consider the 4th companion for Imperial Agents, Ensign Raina Temple. She's an Imperial Agent with some serious secrets. For one, she's force sensitive.

Vector Hyllis
Lady Imperial Agents who have a soft spot for hive minds should give Vector Hyllis a chance. He's a Joiner, and I don't mean he's going to join your book club or volunteer to take dance classes with you. He's mentally connected to the Killik hive mind.

The Republic

Jedi Knight 

SWTOR Companion Romance Guide :: Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game Gossip

Kira Carsen
I hate to break it you Jedi, if you're going to follow the Jedi Code, you won't be getting any. If you're down to get down Jedi Knights, you have one significant other per gender. Gentlemen meet Kira Carsen, a fellow Jedi. If you plan on pursuing Kira get ready to make primarily light side choices, that is until it's time to seal the deal, that's going to earn you some dark side points.

Female Jedi Knights have Doc. He's a brilliant medic who has spent his life in the intergalactic equivalent of the peace core. Listen up Ladies, this one is a keeper.

Jedi Consular

SWTOR Companion Romance Guide :: Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game Gossip

Theran Cedrex
Jedi Consulars get around, which kind of goes against everything they've been taught. They're the Catholic school girls of the galaxy. Female Consulars can become acquainted with Theran Cedrex. He's your typical mathematical genius who wastes his time trying to game the slots. (Machines, come on people.) His playboy lifestyle often discredits his scientific research.

Felix Iresso
Felix Iresso is your second choice if you're a female consular. Felix has been a soldier for nearly a decade but he's been transferred nearly a dozen times. Can someone say commitment-phobe? He has something to prove and he's willing to take risks to make his point.

Nadia Grell
Male Jedi Consular's are going to have to take a lot of Hoth-cold showers. The only romance in their future is Nadia Grell, a Sarkhai. You won't even meet her until Belsavis. She's worth the wait though.


SWTOR Companion Romance Guide :: Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game Gossip









Aric Jorgan -- Meeeeow!
Are you aroused by cats? Not household pets, more like Lion-o, king of the Thundercats. If you're answer is "Me-ow!" then suit up in your heaviest armor, Trooper. Female Troopers can get cozy with Aric Jorgan, a Cathar field officer. He's a demanding "task master" if you follow my lead. Sorry ladies, tail not included.

Elara Dorne
Male Troopers can look forward to giving commands to Elara Dorne. She's a talented field medic, former Imperial, and she is cold. Her likes include rules and propriety. She's not my type, personally, but Troopers, take what you can get.


SWTOR Companion Romance Guide :: Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game Gossip

"Are you a Smuggler or are you just happy to see me?" That's just one potential pick up line for the Smuggler class. You're welcome.

Corso Riggs
Female Smugglers can romance Corso Riggs, a lover, not a fighter. He's also a ranged tank, so I guess he's a fighter too. He enjoys helping the weak and being polite to women. He seems like a complete gentlemen which means he's hiding something I'm sure.

Risha is the daughter of a Pirate Lord, so brace yourself for Daddy's Girl. This, combined with a life of crime, means you're going to have peel back some layers before your Male Smuggler will be able to make any progress with her.

Akaavi Spar
Male Smugglers can also get it on with Akaavi Spar. Akaavi is a female Zabrek. She's a bit of a Butter-Face if you catch my drift. But you know what they say about ugly girls, right? Well that's especially not true for her. She killed her first foe at the age of eight. You might be next.

And there you have it, my totally helpful guide to finding romance in a galaxy far, far away. Now that you have all the info you need to find the companion of your dreams, let me know who you chose to be your co-pilot. If you need more guidance, then check out Guide to our Star Wars: The Old Republic Guides.

SWTOR Companion Romance Guide : Rated-Teen Beat -- The Latest In Video Game Gossip


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