Top Skyrim PC Mods: How To Make 2011's Game Of The Year Even Better


Posted February 8, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Screens Released; Not A Joke

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is an excellent game with almost unlimited potential, but on the PC it can be enhanced even further with a few select mods. While the Skyrim Creation Kit was released this week, we wanted to share this Skyrim PC mod guide to highlight a few of the best Skyrim PC mods that are already out. You can use these incredible mods to take your experience to the next level, and maybe even get inspired by them to create your own mods via the tool kit.

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If you want to check out even more mods, head on over to Skyrim Nexus, which is where we found all of these, and where you can download just about anything you could possibly imagine for Skyrim, including My Little Pony mods and more. 


Have you spent hours going through your inventory in Skyrim, trying to find that certain something, or accidentally dropping items that your character is currently equipped with? With SkyUI all of the hassle of inventory management has essentially been nullified, and many Skyrim PC players describe this mod as a must have.

It aims to improve Skyrim's user interface in a few ways. First by making it easier to use with a mouse and keyboard, second by making it look nicer, and third making the UI less wasteful of screen space. Seriously, this mod will alleviate a ton of headaches, use it!

skyrim mods

Skyrim HD

Skyrim is already an absolutely beautiful game that you can get lost in for hours. But if you're playing the game on max settings chances are you probably have a pretty nice PC, so you should take advantage of it and use the Skyrim HD mod. The huge Skyrim HD mod is Skyrim's most comprehensive texture enhancement project to date and currently replaces over 380 textures and normal maps. It's 1.56 GB but if you want your game to look better than ever, you gotta use it.


Tytanis describes itself as the ultimate mod for Skyrim. It's the creator's goal to create the best Skyrim multiplayer experience possible, and they're working daily to achieve this feat. The long term goal for Tytanis is to create a MMO environment, "in which hundreds of players can explore Skyrim at once, and where small groups of friends can join up to face challenging multiplayer dungeons." They even have their own website.

According to the Tytanis developers this mod will include features like PvE, PvP, and RP servers, in game chat, guilds, multiplayer dungeon, player housing, trading, and a ton more. This is basically a free mod that could essentially be seen as a huge expansion pack or DLC. Once it's complete, and even in its beginning phases, it's a must have mod for Skyrim PC players.

Enhanced Night Sky

To me, the whole point of playing video games is to escape reality and go to a place that's completely different from your everyday life. Skyrim is one of the many games that helps anyone achieve this feeling, and with the Enhanced Night Sky mod, it really helps players feel much more immersed in Skyrim's world than ever.

The mod replaces the star and galaxy textures with high-resolution night sky alternatives and lets players choose between four varieties of nebula and four levels of starfield density. It only changes the night sky, making it much more radiant, and sometimes it's nice to just stare at the stars and let your troubles wash away. Always make sure to kill any nearby Dragons before you lie down to look at the stars, though.

Glowing Ore Veins

Sometimes mods don't do anything except make your life a lot easier, and that's exactly what the Glowing Ore Veins 300 mods does. What it does is make Skyrim's ore veins much more visible, especially in darker environments, and even though that's all it does, it helps immensely if you're trying to find these veins. It makes the ore veins glow and stick out a bit more and without it, ore veins are really hard to see. While not the most extravagant mod, if you need ore in Skyrim, it's a must have.


Quality Road Map

Do you find yourself getting lost in Skyrim not because of how much fun you're having, but because you genuinely don't know where to go? A Quality World Map could be just the mod for you. It makes the World Map look much better, adding in more textures, and it introduces detailed roads that the creator personally walked down to make sure they're accurate.

And those are just some of our favorite Skyrim PC mods. Let us know which ones you live by and maybe we'll add them to our list.

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Top Skyrim PC Mods: How To Make 2011's Game Of The Year Even Better


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