NFL Blitz’s 10 Most Ridiculous Cheat Codes and Unlockables: Zombies, Cheerleaders and Hot Dog Teams

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Posted January 20, 2012 - By Matt Swider

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NFL Blitz

NFL Blitz is known for over-the-top plays and larger-than-life players. However, this game’s football mayhem gets even crazier when you enter some of its 103 different cheat codes. You can change your team into a pack of lions (not to be confused with the Detroit Lions), a gang of cowboys (not to be confused with the Dallas Cowboys), or a parade of clowns (not to be confused with this season’s 2-14 Indianapolis Colts). To save you both time and Blitz Bucks, we’ve narrowed down NFL Blitz’s most ridiculous cheat codes and unlockables to these ten.

NFL Blitz

10. Zombie Team

Goal Post + Foam Finger + Goal Post

Every game seems to feature zombies these days, NFL Blitz included. But the great thing about taking the undead from the grave to the football gridiron in this particular game is that it can be pretty intimidating to your opponent. Chasing the offense downfield with seven ghoulish-looking football players who have “Armbiter” written on the back of their jerseys will make your rival more frightened than the girl from the "Thriller" video.

NFL Blitz

9. Cheesehead Team

Goal Post + EA Sports Logo+ Goal Post

Green Bay Packer fans can’t be accused of not getting their head into football games. Donning a large yellow triangle of cheese on their heads, these diehards from Wisconsin put their team first and fashion sense second. They finally take to the field in NFL Blitz, eschewing helmets and any sort of safety gear in favor of their very identifiable cheesehats and green jerseys.

NFL Blitz

8. B-52 Ball

NFL Logo + EA Sports Logo + Goal Post

When I saw an unlockable cheat code teased for a “B-52 Ball” in the NFL Blitz Store menu, I was hoping - even Tim Tebow praying - that it had nothing to do with the “Love Shack”-singing 80s band. Thankfully, this visual cheat code just gives the pigskin the paintjob of a B-52 bomber, an aircraft of war and pretty much the complete opposite of everything the B-52s group stands for. With its grey color and shark tooth design, it appropriately resembles the nose art of the Flying Tigers squadron as it soars through the air downfield.

NFL Blitz

7. Pirate Team

Helmet + Headset + Helmet

The Pirates Team is probably the least athletic-looking unlockable fantasy team in NFL Blitz. All seven players have a hook for a left hand and a pegleg for a right leg. That’s a total of 14 limbs when there should be 28 healthy throwing, catching and running appendages. Despite all of their setbacks, these tricorne-wearing raiders of the sea are able to steal just as many first downs as everyone else. They can also effectively make the first down motion with their one good hand while bent on their non-gimp knee.

NFL Blitz

6. Lion Team

Headset + Goal Post + Headset

The fiercest-looking fantasy team is most certainly the lions. Sure, they all wear purple jerseys and sport the ambiguous number “00.” However, that’s more than made up for by their in-your-nose-guard snouts and claw-your-eyes-out paws whenever they’re on defense. They’ll show you who’s king of the jungle without hesitation. Just don’t be distracted by their flowing manes and fur-tipped tails. You’re what’s for dinner whenever they blitz.

NFL Blitz

5. More Fumbles

Helmet + Goal Post + NFL Logo

“Slippery When Wet” should be the name of this out-of-control cheat code. Enabling it makes the football extra slick, and since NFL Blitz is already a turnover-laden game, you’ll be experiencing multiple fumbles and interceptions per drive. Case in point, I was completely turned around after an interception, another interception, a fumble and an instant touchdown in the end zone during a single play. Sadly, I wasn’t on the better end of that scoring drive. Be warned: More Fumbles is a ridiculous cheat, but not one that’ll always go your way.

NFL Blitz

4. Gladiator Team

Helmet + NFL Logo + Yard Marker

The gladiators team gets a big thumbs up no matter which stadium you’re in. And you don’t have to take my word for it. The crowds seem to love these gold helmet-wearing warriors, as the people throw roses into the end zone every time one of them scores a touchdown. With an amphitheater full of pleased spectators, these Roman combatants deserve to fight another day.

NFL Blitz

3. Ice Cream Ball

EA Sports Logo + Foam Finger + Yard Marker

The most unique ball design of NFL Blitz is the ice cream ball. This delicious-looking football consists of a waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, sprinkles and even a cherry on top. Whether or not the ball has whipped cream on top is still under review by officials. One thing is certain: you don’t want to go biting it in the end zone. This is one pigskin skin won’t make you skinny.

Onto the skin...

NFL Blitz

2. Blitz Cheerleaders

If the Blitz cheerleaders that populate the loading screens make you wish that wait times were a little bit longer, then you should check out the gallery menu in the Blitz Store. There, 32 photos of these pom pom-waving beauties are available for your... uhh viewing pleasure. Yes, despite the fact that NFL Blitz is a league-sanctioned, less violent game, the girls push the limits of E10+ and don’t bat an eyelash (mostly because the photos don’t move). There’s only one catch: You have to unlock each of the 32 photos with in-game money. If you don’t have enough Blitz Bucks, they appear as colorless question marks, which is decidedly less hot.

NFL Blitz

1. Hot Dog Team

Foam Finger + Headset + Foam Finger

From a gallery full of beautiful girls to a team full of wieners - the kind with a line of mustard running down the middle of the costume - the Hot Dog Team is our pick for the most ridiculous unlockable in NFL Blitz. They certainly stand out on the field, wearing white sneakers and blue spandex underneath of a truly unforgettable meat-and-bun-costume. But the costume detail that we can’t shake from our minds is the creepy-looking smiley face that all seven exhibit no matter what’s happening on the field. It’s going to be a long time before we get tired of watching our favorite NFL players tackle a giant hot dog to the ground.

NFL Blitz’s 10 Most Ridiculous Cheat Codes and Unlockables: Zombies, Cheerleaders and Hot Dog Teams


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