Origin’s Genesis PC: “The Fastest Computer You Can Buy”


Posted January 12, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Origin’s Genesis PC: “The Fastest Computer You Can Buy”

I’m going to tell you a story about an impressive, overclocked computer for gamers that I saw at CES 2012, so sit back and enjoy the tale of Origin’s new Genesis PC, a computer so powerful, it bends both space and time. Well, maybe not that powerful, but definitely powerful enough to play Crysis 2 at full settings. 

Boasting 12 Gigs of RAM, an EVGA 3GZB GTX580 graphics card, and running an Intel Core 3960X 3.3 GH Hex-Core processor overclocked to 5.3GHz-5.7GHz, the Genesis is one powerful machine. So powerful, it’s cooled to -40 degrees by Origin’s “Cryogenic Liquid Cooling” system, presumably to prevent it from spontaneously bursting into flames.

In trying to express the power of the PC, Origin COO and co-founder Hector Penton, and CEO and co-founder Kevin Wasielewski quoted stats and benchmark test numbers that were surprisingly impressive.

“It’s running at a stable 5.7 gigahertz,” Penton, explained, dumbing it down for a console gamer like me.

“That’s great,” I answered, “But can it play Farmville?”

“It can play 10,000 instances of Farmville at once,” Wasielewski told me.

“It’s the fastest system you can commercially buy,” Penton said.

“Do you think it’s the best computer in the world?” I asked.

“We don’t think it’s the best computer in the world,” Penton said, “We know it’s the best computer in the world.”

Origin’s Genesis PC: “The Fastest Computer You Can Buy”

As you might expect, this kind of awesomeness won’t come cheap. The lowest priced model is available starting at $4,499.00, but a system like the fully tricked out model on display at CES would likely run you closer to twice as much. Ten grand is a lot for a computer, but if 9,999 of your friends each put in a dollar, everyone could play Farmville at once! Genesis will be available in late Q1 of 2012.

If you’re of a bargain conscious gamer, don’t worry: Origin has a PC for you as well. The company features less exotic lines of desktops, and their Eon gaming laptop will set you back a pretty reasonable amount, starting at around $1500 bucks.

Another Origin announcement: The company is offering 24-7 tech support for all its customers, old and new. "Origin PC continues to lead the industry by becoming the first and only boutique system builder to provide free U.S. based lifetime 24/7 technical support," the company said in a statement. "Anytime customers have a question about a game, application, or hardware component; Origin PC will be there to help."

Origin’s Genesis PC: “The Fastest Computer You Can Buy”


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