Kevin Pereira Shares His Favorite Products And Innovations From CES 2012

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Posted January 12, 2012 - By Dana Leahy

We've been hard at work covering CES 2012, but no one has been putting in more hours looking at gadgets than Attack of the Show's Kevin Pereira.

In the video below, he shares some of his favorite products and innovations from CES 2012 including the amazing Samsung Super OLED TVs that stretch from edge-to-edge, the Lytro Light Field Camera that revolutionizes the way we think about photography, and the Aurasma Augmented Reality App that allows you to overlay multimedia onto everyday objects.

Kevin talks about all of these things and more. Check it out!


Kevin Pereira's Picks from CES 2012 »


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Kevin Pereira Shares His Favorite Products And Innovations From CES 2012


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