Sony's Tablet P, DishTV's Hopper DVR, and Sharp's Ultra Light TV at CES 2012


Posted January 11, 2012 - By Dana Leahy

Attack of the Show's Jessica Chobot is tearing it up at the Consumer Electronics Show, roving the floor to find the most amazing products that CES 2012 has to offer.

In this video, she looks a very special collection of products. Sony's Tablet P is a new multi-use tablet that has an e-reader built in, while DishTV's Hopper DVR is gearing up to revolutionize your home, with it's multiroom recording abilities and hard drive that will hold up to 2,000 hours of content. Also, get a peek at two amazing HDTVs: Toshiba's glassesless 3D HDTV and Sharp's Ultra Light HDTV.

CES 2012: Sony's Tablet P, DishTV's DVR, and More! »


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Sony's Tablet P, DishTV's Hopper DVR, and Sharp's Ultra Light TV at CES 2012


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