LG And Gaikai Partner Up To Bring Cloud Gaming To Smart TVs In 2012

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Posted January 10, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

LG And Gaikai Partner Up To Bring Cloud Gaming To Smart TVs In 2012

LG Electronics and Gaikai Inc. have announced a strategic partnership that will help bring cloud gaming to LG Cinema 3D TVs starting with the 2012 LG products. If you're not familiar with Gaikai, they're an awesome technology company that lets gamers play new games instantly on any web browser, mobile or internet-connected device. There are no games to download or install and you can just click and play their offerings instantly.

“Thanks to the Internet, you can watch the latest movies and listen to the latest music practically anywhere,” said David Perry the CEO of Gaikai, “but until today, to play the biggest blockbuster video games, every household has had to buy and set up expensive video game console hardware. That’s all about to change and pioneers in the space can build direct digital relationships with their end consumers.”

This means that consumers will be able to use their Smart TV sign-in and instantly and seamlessly play a broad range of games. According to Gaikai, when video games can be accessed as easily as movies and music are currently, gaming will become the #1 form of entertainment in the world.

I'm honestly compelled to agree with them. If people could instantly stream their favorite games to any device without having to worry about consoles then we'd probably see a lot more people playing games rather than arguing about which console is better.

For more information about Gaikai you can check out their website.

Would you buy a TV just for this type of gaming technology?

LG And Gaikai Partner Up To Bring Cloud Gaming To Smart TVs In 2012


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