Saints Row: The Third Genkibowl VII DLC Coming Next Week


Posted January 10, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

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We already know from the Xbox 360 Achievements listing to expect Sad Pandas and Sexy Kittens in Volition's upcoming Genkibowl VII mission-based DLC release for Saints Row: The Third. The actual date that the new content will be arriving on has been a mystery though, with the developer only confirming a January 2012 window so far.

That changes RIGHT NOW thanks to a new Major Nelson post outing the release dates for some upcoming Xbox Live content. Genkibowl VII will arrive on January 17, also known in some circles as "next Tuesday," for 560 MS Points (or free if you bought the game's Season Pass). THQ has yet to officially confirm that date, but the word of Major Nelson is pretty much gospel where Xbox Live is concerned. So go ahead and count on Genkibowl for next week.

Source: Major Nelson

Saints Row: The Third Genkibowl VII DLC Coming Next Week