Homefront: Ultimate Edition Coming Before The End Of March


Posted January 10, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg


Homefront may well be the most stunning failure in video games for all of 2011. THQ spearheaded a near-perfect marketing campaign for the Kaos Studios-developed FPS set in a near-future world that sees the United States invaded and taken over by North Korea. The premise was great, but I found the execution, particularly on the solo campaign side, to be wretched on just about every level.

All of which means that you're probably as baffled as I am to learn that Homefront has been pegged for an Ultimate Edition release in the coming months. A newly released THQ content schedule (via Eurogamer) lists Homefront: Ultimate Edition as coming sometime before the end of the publisher's current financial year, which closes on March 31. There's no word on what makes this edition "Ultimate," but presumably the package will include both The Rock and Fire Sale map packs that were released as DLC.

While I can't say I'd recommend jumping on board this Ultimate Edition train in the coming months, there IS hope for Homefront down the road. Development of the upcoming sequel is in the hands of Crytek UK, with the game set to arrive during THQ's 2014 fiscal year.

Source: Eurogamer

Homefront: Ultimate Edition Coming Before The End Of March