Samsung at CES 2012: Smart And Pretty HDTVs Now With 100% More Angry Birds


Posted January 9, 2012 - By Dana Leahy

Samsung at CES 2012: Smart And Pretty HDTVs Now With 100% More Angry Birds

Samsung always has a strong presence at the Consumer Electronics Show, and this year is no different. Samsung at CES 2012 is focused not only on the TVs we own, but how we interact with them. Samsung wants to change the way we think about our HD sets.

While both Samsung's LCD and Plasma lines have been revamped and improved, Samsung's new HDTV crown jewel is the Super OLED TV.

At 55-inches, the Super OLED TV is produced from a single pane of glass. When powered on, the TV displays the picture from "edge-to-edge," but when turned off, the TV looks like a framed piece of glass. Even though CES hasn't been happening for a full 24 hours yet, Samsung's OLED TV has already taken home a "Best of Innovations 2012" award.

Samsung at CES 2012: Smart And Pretty HDTVs Now With 100% More Angry Birds
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Samsung's 2012 Smart TVs will also feature Smart Interactions, Smart Content, and Smart Apps. Smart Interaction is designed to change the way you interact with your TV, featuring motion control, voice control, and facial recognition. Sounds a lot like Kinect, Samsung, but the new Smart Interactions system will allow users to turn their TV on and off, select Apps, browse the web, and more.

Smart Content is also new, and will be accessible through the Samsung Smart Hub. It'll give you access to movies, television, and streaming video. The new TVs are also future proofed, as users will be able to update their software every year through the Smart Evolution Kit, so owners will have the most up-to-date experience as possible without having to reinvest in a new HDTV.

Samsung also boasts "the world's first and largest HDTV apps store," and what app store would be complete without Angry Birds? No app store! Samsung announced that owner of the free market Rovio will be bring their fantastically successful franchise to Samsung Smart TVs in 2012.

We'll be bringing you more in-depth coverage of Samsung and other technology companies all week over at our CES 2012 page. Check early and check often for updates!

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Samsung at CES 2012: Smart And Pretty HDTVs Now With 100% More Angry Birds


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