Soulcalibur 5 Intro Features A Nightmare V. Siegfried Showdown


Posted January 5, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg



Just think: in less than a month from now I'll be embarrassing each and every one of you online as you step up to take on the mighty Nightmare in Soulcalibur 5. Or, you know, you'll slaughter me. Most likely that.

My future gaming dominance may be an expression of pure fantasy, but the Project Soul-developed sequel is very, very real, and today you get to take a look at the upcoming game's intro movie (via Siliconera). The two-and-a-half-minute clip mostly just amounts to Siegfried and Nightmare swinging their oversized blades at one another and looking menacing. There's also some Zack Snyder-style slow-mo to amp up the tension. Gotta have tension.

Soulcalibur 5 arrives in stores on January 31, so expect to be staring at many more videos like this one over the next few weeks as Namco's marketing plan goes into overdrive.

Source: YouTube

Soulcalibur 5 Intro Features A Nightmare V. Siegfried Showdown


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