Evo 2012 Tournament Details Announced


Posted January 4, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

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Capcom's Captivate Event Roundup: Street Fighter X Tekken, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Asura's Wrath, Dragon's Dogma, And More

Fighting game fans grab your joysticks: The Evo 2012 tournament details have been announced. Not only will Evo feature a full list of excellent fighting games, but the Road to Evo tournament season has been extended to give even more people a chance to show off their best moves.

First off, here are a list of games on the Evo 2012 Roster:

The guys over at Shoryuken said it best when describing this slate of titles, "This is maybe the most exciting roster we’ve ever had. It’s got tried and true tournament games with balance refreshes, two series reboots that both show great potential, and a great variety of play styles from old school 2D to the zaniness of Marvel to an updated take on classic 3D fighting."

After the break you'll find the list of tournaments as well as a breakdown of how each tournament on the Road to Evo will determine how players are seeded.

Here are the events for 2012 Road to Evo season:

  • Apex Tournament Series, New Brunswick, New Jersey Jan 6-8
  • Winter Brawl, Philadelphia, PA Feb 18-19
  • OzHadou Nationals X, Sydney, Australia Feb 17-19
  • Final Round, Atlanta, GA March 2-4
  • South East Asia Major, Bugis Arcade, Singapore Mar 17-18
  • NorCal Regionals 10, March 24-25
  • Texas Showdown, Houston, Texas April 6-8
  • PowerUp 2012, Cincinnati, Ohio April 13-15
  • Team Mad Catz Championships, San Diego, CA April 13-15
  • Toryuken, Toronto Ontario, Canada May 4th-6th
  • Season’s Beatings: Summer Slam, Columbus, OH May 5th
  • Northwest Majors, Seattle, WA May 26th
  • Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8, Chicago, IL May 25-27
  • Montreal Annual Tournament, Montreal, Canada June 3-4
  • East Coast Throwdown, Morristown, NJ June 9-10
  • CEO 2012, Orlando, FL June 15-17
  • Midwest Championships 2012, Nashville, TN June 22-24

In addition, there are a few changes being made to the tournament season this year. First off, there are more tournaments in general which will allow gamers more chances to earn seeding points. Second, all of the games on the Evo 2012 roster will be seeded, not just Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Finally, they've simplified the point structure in the follow way:

At each tournament:

  •  50, 25, 10 points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively
  •  1 lousy point is awarded for 4th – 16th place

According to Shoryuken, they've, "made these changes to reflect the reality that a double elimination bracket is really only accurate for the top few places (just the top 2 if you want to be scientific about it, but with good seeds you can have high confidence on third place as well). Remember, there are lots of pools for each game at Evo; the bigger games have hundreds of pools.  So the most important factor is to earn that first point that puts you in the group of players who are seeded."

And there you have it. Are you excited for the Road to Evo to begin?

Source: Shoryuken

Evo 2012 Tournament Details Announced


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